ID 19
Name Thomas Norton Longman
Gender Unknown
Street Address 39 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1792
End Date 1799


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Publisher The Countess of Moreton's daily exercise: or, a book of prayers and rules How to spend our time in the service and pleasure of Almighty God. The twentyfourth edition. Douglas, Anne 1760
Publisher Original Poems on Various Subjects, by a Young Lady, Eighteen Years of Age. Unknown, [Woman] 1772
Publisher The New English Theatre in Twelve Volumes, containing the most valuable plays which have been acted on the London stage. Hughes, John 1776
Publisher The Runaway, a Comedy: as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Second Edition. Cowley, Hannah 1776
Publisher The history and adventures of the renowned Don Quixote. Translated from the Spanish of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. To which is prefixed, Some Account of the Author's Life. By T. Smollett, M.D. Illustrated with twenty-eight new copper-plates, designed by Hayman, and elegantly engraved. The fifth edition, corrected. In fou volumes. ... Newbery, Elizabeth 1782
Publisher The lives of the most eminent English poets; with critical observations on their works. By Samuel Johnson. In four volumes. ... Newbery, Elizabeth 1783
Publisher A new history of England, by question and answer, extracted from the most celebrated English historians, particularly M. de Rapin Thoyras, ... By the author of the Roman history by question and answer. Newbery, Elizabeth 1784
Publisher Every man his own gardener. Being a new, and much more complete gardener's kalendar than any one hitherto published. Containing, Not only an Account of what Work is necessary to be done in the Kitchen and Fruit Garden, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, and Shrubbery; Nursery, Green-House, and Hot-House for every Month in the Year, but also ample Directions for performing the said Work, according to the newest and most approved Methods now in Practice among the best Gardeners. With complete practical Directions for forcing all Kinds of choice Plants, Flowers, and Fruits, to early Perfection, in Hot-Beds, Hot-Houses, Hot-Walls, Forcing frames, Forcing-Houses, Vineries, &c. Also particular Directions relative to Soil and Situation, adapted to the different Sorts of Plants and Trees, &c. And to the Whole is added, complete and useful Lists of Kitchen Garden Plants, Fruit Trees, Forest Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreens, Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Fibrous-Rooted Flowers, Bulbous and Tuberous-Rooted Flowers, Green-House, and Hot-House Plants, Proper for Cultivation in the English Gardens and Plantations. By Thomas Mawe, Mawe, (gardener To His Grace The Duke Of Leeds) John Abercrombie, (gardener, Tottenham Court) and other gardeners. Newbery, Elizabeth 1784
Publisher Every man his own lawyer: or, a summary of the laws of England in a new and instructive method, under the following Heads, Viz. I. Of Actions and Remedies, Writs, Process, Arrest, and Bail. II. Of Courts, Attornies and Solicitors therein, Juries, Witnesses, Trials, Executions, &c. III. Of Estates and Property in Lands and Goods, and how acquired; Ancestors, Heirs, Executors and Administrators. IV. Of the Laws relating to Marriage, Bastardy, Infants, Ideots, Lunaticks. V. Of the Liberty of the Subject, Magna Charta, and Habeas Corpus Act, and other Statutes. VI. Of the King and his Prerogative, the Queen and Prince, Peers, Judges, Sheriffs, Coroners, Justices of Peace, Constables, &c. Vii. Of publick Offences, Treason, Murder, Felony, Burglary, Robbery, Rape, Sodomy, Forgery, Perjury, &c. And their Punishment. All of them so plainly treated of, that all Manner of Persons may be particularly acquainted with our Laws and Statutes, concerning Civil and Criminal Affairs, and know how to defend Themselves and their Estates and Fortunes; In All Cases Whatsoever. Newbery, Elizabeth 1784
Publisher Measure for measure. A comedy written by William Shakspeare. Marked with the variations in the manager's book, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Shakespeare, William 1784
Publisher Fables by the late Mr. Gay. In one volume complete. Newbery, Elizabeth 1785
Publisher The lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq. Newbery, Elizabeth 1786
Publisher The Adventurer. Newbery, Elizabeth 1788
Publisher A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England: with Collects and Prayers for each Solemnity. By Robert Nelson, Esq. The Twenty-Sixth Edition. Newbery, Elizabeth 1791
Publisher Fables by the late Mr. Gay. In One Volume Complete. Newbery, Elizabeth 1792
Publisher Milton's Paradise lost illustrated with texts of scripture, by John Gillies, D. D. One Of The Ministers In Glasgow. Newbery, Elizabeth 1793
Bookseller Trial of Marie Antoinette, late Queen of France, before the Revolutionary Tribunal, at Paris; compiled from a manuscript sent from Paris, and from the journals of the Moniteur. The whole carefully revised and corrected by the conductor of the Times. de Lorraine, Marie-Antoinette 1794
Bookseller Vicissitudes in Genteel Life. In four volumes. Lewis, Alethea 1794
Publisher A course of lectures on the principal subjects in pneumatology, ethics, and divinity: with references to the most considerable authors on each subject. By the late Rev. Philip Doddridge, D.D. The third edition. To which are now added, a great number of references, and Many Notes of Reference, to the Various Writers, on the Same Topics, who have Appeared since the Doctor's Decease. By Andrew Kippis, D. D. F. R. S. and S. A. Kippis, Andrew 1794
Publisher A New History of England, by Question and Answer, Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, particularly M. Rapin de Thoyras, by the author of the Roman History by Question and Answer. The Twenty-Third Edition corrected, and brought down to the present time. Newbery, Elizabeth 1794
Publisher Caroline de Montmorenci: a tale, founded in facts. By la Marquise de *****. Unknown, [Woman] 1794
Publisher Models of Letters, for the Use of Schools and Private Students. Being an Epitome of the Large Octavo Volume, Entitled, Elegant Epistles: and Containing Select Letters From the Best English Authors, With Many Translated From the French, Which Have Never Appeared in Any Miscellaneous Collection. Kearsley, Catharine 1794
Publisher The adventurer. ... Unknown 1794
Publisher Family Lectures: or, a Copious Collection of Sermons, Selected from the Most Celebrated Divines, on Faith and Practice. Atterbury. Adams. Allen. Barrow. Balguy. Batty. Beveridge. Bentley. Bellamy, Blackall. Brown. Bull. Bundy. Burnet. Clarke. Calamy. Coney. Delaney. Duke. Gibson. Hort. Hoadley. Hopkins. Hickman. Horne. Hole. Harvest. Ibbot. Jortin. Kennet. Littleton. Lucas. Lupton. Moor. Moss. Orr. Porteus. Ridley. Sharpe. Sherlock. Swift. Stebbing. Stephens. Snape. Stillingfleet. Seed. Secker. Tillotson. Tilly. Terry. Trapp. Wake. Wilson. Webster. A New Volume. Unknown 1795
Publisher The Adventurer. Newbery, Elizabeth 1795

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