"Firm ID",Name,Gender,"Street Address",City,"Start Date","End Date",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 2756,"Peter Wilson [Upper Blind Quay]",U,"Upper Blind Quay",Dublin,1766,1767,Publisher,9828,"Letters on Different Subjects, in Four Volumes. Amongst which are interspers'd the Adventures of Alphonso, After the Destruction of Lisbon. By the Author of The Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her absent daughters.","By the Author of the Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her absent Daughters.",,"Printed for J. Hoey, Sen. P. Wilson, J. Exshaw, S. Cotter, E. Watts, J. Murphy, L. Flin, B. Grierson, J. Hoey, Jun. W. Sleator, J. Potts, W. Watson, S. Watson, D. Chamberlain, J. Williams, and J. Shephard.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1766,Duodecimo,,,"[Irish 1]",4,"I viii, 131; II 132; III–IV [vi], 288","ECCO CB128958337; ESTC T168069",,,,,Fiction, 2756,"Peter Wilson [Upper Blind Quay]",U,"Upper Blind Quay",Dublin,1766,1767,Publisher,8338,"The History of Miss Indiana Danby. In Two Volumes. By a Lady.","By a Lady",,"Printed for J. Hoey, sen. P. Wilson, J, Exshaw, S. Cotter, E. Watts, H. Saunders, J. Hoey, jun. J. Potts, S. Watson, R. Bell, and J. Williams.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1766-7,Duodecimo,,,,3,,"Chawton House Library 1240",,,,,"Fiction Novel","CHL 1240" 2756,"Peter Wilson [Upper Blind Quay]",U,"Upper Blind Quay",Dublin,1766,1767,Publisher,3857,"The history of Nourjahad. By the editor of Sidney Bidulph.","By the editor of Sidney Bidulph.",,"Printed for P. Wilson, J. Murphy, W. Sleater, D. Chamberlaine, J. Potts, J. Mitchell, J. Williams, and W. Colles",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1767,Duodecimo,,,,1,222,"ESTC T118782; ECCO CW114322123",,,,,Fiction,