"Firm ID",Name,Gender,"Street Address",City,"Start Date","End Date",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 2771,"Catherine Ware",F,"The Bible and Sun, Ludgate Hill",London,1756,1763,Publisher,2997,"The compleat housewife: or, Accomplished gentlewoman’s companion. Being a collection of upwards of six hundred of the most approved receipts in cookery, pastry, confectionary, preserving, pickles, cakes, creams, jellies, made wines, cordials. With copper plates, curiously engraven, for the regular disposition or placing of the various dishes and courses. And also bills of fare for every month in the year. To which is added, a collection of above three hundred family receipts of medicines; viz. drinks, syrups, salves, ointments, and various other things of sovereign and approved efficacy in most distempers, pains, aches, wounds, sores, &c. particularly Mrs. Stephens’s medicine for the cure of the stone and gravel, and Dr. Mead’s famous receipt for the cure of a bite of a mad dog; with several other excellent receipts for the same, which have cured when the persons were disordered, and the salt water fail’d; never before made publick; fit either for private families, or such publick-spirited gentlewomen as would be beneficent to their poor neighbours. With directions for marketing. By E. Smith. The sixteenth edition, with additions.",Anonymous,,"printed for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, John Rivington, James Rivington and J. Fletcher, J. Ward, W. Johnston, S. Crowder, P. Davey and B. Law, [T]. Longman, C. Ware, and M. Cooper",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1758,Octavo,,,"The sixteenth edition, with additions.",1,"396, xii","ESTC T469541",,5,,,Domestic, 2771,"Catherine Ware",F,"The Bible and Sun, Ludgate Hill",London,1756,1763,Publisher,3597,"Devout exercises of the heart, in Meditation and Soliloquy, Prayer and Praise, By the late pious and ingenious Mrs Elizabeth Rowe. Reviewed and published, at her request, by I. Watts, D.D.","By the late pious and ingenious Mrs Elizabeth Rowe.",,"printed for J. Buckland, T. Payne, and C. Ware",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1777,Duodecimo,,,,1,220,"ESTC T164983; ECCO CW0121952015",,,,,Religion/Biblical,