"Firm ID",Name,Gender,"Street Address",City,"Start Date","End Date",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2023,"Burton-Wood. In a series of letters. By a lady.","By a lady",,"printed by J. A. Husband, for W. Sleater, S. Price, T. Walker, J. Beatty, R. Burton, H. Whitestone, P. Byrne, T. Webb, and J. Cash",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1783,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I 111; II 232","ESTC T79541; The English Novel 1770-1829 1783: 16; ECCO CW0109253186; ECCO CW0109253304",,,,,Fiction,"EM 160:7; ESTC t079541" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2616,"The two mentors: a modern story. By the author of The old English baron.","By the author of The old English baron",,"printed for S. Price, W. and H. Whitestone, W. Colles, W. Gilbert, R. Moncrieffe, T. Walker, J. Beatty, J. Exshaw, L. White, R. Burton, P. Byrne, J. Cash",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1783,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I 308; II 316","ESTC T76282; The English Novel 1770-1829 1783: 19; ECCO CW0117077646; ECCO CW0117077975",,,,,Fiction,"ESTC t076282" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2741,"Theatre of education. Translated from the French of the Countess de Genlis. In four volumes.","Translated from the French of the Countess de Genlis.",,"printed by D. Graisberry, for Messrs. Whitestone, Walker, Moncrieffe, Beatty, Byrne, Burton and Cash",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1783,Duodecimo,,,,4,"I vi, 286; II 286; III 288; IV 288","ESTC T144630; ECCO CW115174181; CW115174463; CW115174745; CW115175031",,,,,Education, 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,1973,"Louisa, a poetical novel, in four epistles. By Miss Seward.","By Miss Seward",,"printed by J. M. Davis, for Messrs. Jenkin, White, Byrne, Burton, Cash, and Davis",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1784,Octavo,19,12,,1,"viii, 85","ESTC N18983; Jackson Bibliography 12738; ECCO CW0117222450",,,,,Poetry,"Bodley Don.e.467" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,8078,"Novellettes, selected for the use of Young Ladies and Gentlemen. In Two Volumes. Written by Mrs. Griffith, Dr. Goldsmith, &c.","Written by Mrs. Griffith, Dr. Goldsmith, &c.",,"Printed for John Cash, at the King’s Arms, No. 14, Capel-Street.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1784,Duodecimo,17,,,2,"iv, 223","The English Novel 1770-1829 1780: 17; ESTC T131769; British Library http://explore.bl.uk/BLVU1:LSCOP-ALL:BLL01002680137; Hathi Trust Digital Library https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/011821952",,,,,Fiction,"EM 4686: 2; ESTC t131769; BL 1607/2005" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,5452,"The american fugitive: or, friendship in a nunnery. Containing a full description of the mode of education and living in convent schools, both on the low and high Pension; the Manner and Characters of the Nuns; The Arts practised on young Minds; and their Baneful Effects on Society at large. By a lady.","By a lady",,"printed for John Cash, at the King's arms, No. 14, Capel-Street",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1784,Duodecimo,,,,1,"[4],269,[1]","ESTC T141142; The English Novel 1770-1829 1778: 11; ECCO CW0119479018",,,,,Fiction,"EM 3678: 3; ESTC t141142" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2917,"The sylph; a novel.",Anonymous,,"printed for W. Wilson, T. Walker, C. Jenkin, R. Moncrieffe, W. Gilbert, G. Burnet, J. Exshaw, R. Burton, J. Cash, and W. Wilkinson",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1784,Duodecimo,,,,1,"[4],284","ESTC N24428; The English Novel 1770-1829 1779: 8; ECCO CW0116676046",,,,,"Fiction Novel","ESTC n024428" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2756,"Tales of the castle: or, stories of instruction and delight. Being Les veillées du chateau, written in French by Madame la Comtesse de Genlis, Author of the Theatre of Education, Adela and Theodore, &c. Translated into English by Thomas Holcroft.","by Madame la Comtesse de Genlis, Author of the Theatre of Education, Adela and Theodore, &c.",,"printed for Messrs. Price, Moncrieffe, Jenkin, Walker, Burton, Exshaw, White, Byrne, Parker, H. White-Stone, and Cash",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1785,Duodecimo,,,,4,"I 295;II 280; III 244; IV 280","ESTC T144991; The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 29; ECCO CW0111793396; ECCO CW0111793698; ECCO CW0111793980; ECCO CW0111794226",,,,,Fiction,"EM 3558: 1; ESTC t144991" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,6987,"The coalition: or family anecdotes. A novel. By Mrs. Boys. In two volumes. Dedicated By Permission To Mrs. Hastings.","By Mrs. Boys",,"printed for Messrs. Price, White, Cash, H. Whitestone, and Marchbank",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1785,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I iv, 239; II 237","ESTC T119004; The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 24; ECCO CW0112875103; ECCO CW0112875345",,,,,"Fiction Novel","EM 4789: 12; ESTC t119004" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2618,"The progress of romance, through times, countries, and manners; with Remarks on the Good and Bad Effects of it, on them Respectively; in a course of evening conversations. By C. R. author of the English Baron, the Two Mentors, &c. In two volumes.","By C. R. author of the English Baron, the Two Mentors, &c.",,"printed for Messrs. Price, Exshaw, White, Cash Colbert, Marchbank and Porter",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1785,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I xix, 144 ; II 136","ESTC T95396; Chawton House Library 614; ECCO CW115387711; ECCO CW115387874",,,,,"Literary Criticism/Critical Editions","CHL 614" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,8084,"The Recess; or, a tale of other times. By the author of The Chapter of Accidents.","By the author of The Chapter of Accidents",,"printed by the United Company of Booksellers",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1785,Sexto,,,,1,"I 236; II 219","The English Novel 1770-1829 1783: 15; British Library Cup.501.aaa.43.",,,,,Fiction,"(WC); xESTC" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,13729,"Albina, a Novel. In a series of Letters.",,,"Printed by Mary Graisberry, For Messrs. Moncrieffe, Gilbert, Whit, H. Whitestone, Cash, Byrne, C. Lewis, C. Brown, McKenzie, and Halpin",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,17,10,,1,236,"Houghton Library 2018-1224",,,,,"Fiction Novel","Houghton 2018-1224" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,4713,"Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. during the last twenty years of his life. By Hesther Lynch Piozzi.","By Hesther Lynch Piozzi.",,"Printed for Messrs. Moncrieffe, White, Byrne, Cash, W. Porter, Marchbank, McKenzie, Moore and Jones.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,1,"viii, 306, [2]","ESTC N30237; ECCO CW3325224489; British Library http://explore.bl.uk/BLVU1:LSCOP-ALL:BLL01017090882; Google Books https://books.google.ca/books?id=Q7JcAAAAcAAJ",,,,,Biography,"BL 10864.a.9." 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,8103,"Arpasia; or the wanderer. A novel. By the author of The Nabob. In two volumes.","By the author of The Nabob.",,"printed by J. Moore Davis, for Messrs. Colles, Moncrieffe, White, Byrne, Cash [and 4 others in Dublin]",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,1,"I 283; II 308","The English Novel 1770-1829 1786: 4; British Library 1484.ee.6.",,,,,"Fiction Novel","EM 2115: 26; ESTC t100472; BL 1484.ee.6." 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,4742,"Caroline of Lichtfield; a novel. Translated from the French. By Thomas Holcroft. In two volumes.",Anonymous,,"printed by M. Graisberry, for Messrs. W. Watson, Gilbert, Moncrieffe, Exshaw, Burton, White, Wogan, Cash, Parker, Byrne, Browne, McKenzie, Moore, Lewis, and Halpen.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,2,,"ESTC N26677; The English Novel 1770-1829 1786: 34",,,,,"Fiction Novel","CHL 3566; ESTC n026677" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,7490,"Fabulous histories, designed for the instruction of children, respecting their treatment of animals. By Mrs. Trimmer.","By Mrs. Trimmer.",,"Printed for Messrs. W. Watson, Colles, Wilson, Wogan, White, Byrne, Cash, Marchbank, W. Porter, Heery, M'Kenzie, Jones, and Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,18,,,1,"xi, 227","ESTC N31481; Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books u799509",,,,,"Juvenile Literature","Osborne catalogue, II:951" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,5641,"Fanny: a novel, in a series of letters. Written by a lady. In two volumes.","Written by a lady",,"printed for Messrs. Colles, Parker, Byrne, Whitestone, Cash, W. Porter, Heery, M'Kenzie and Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I 260; II 252","ESTC T203191; The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 35; ECCO CB0131247918; ECCO CB0131248180",,,,,"Fiction Novel","ESTC t203191" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,4047,"Florio: A tale, for fine gentlemen and fine ladies: and, the bas bleu; or conversation: two poems.","Dedication signed: Hannah More.",,"printed for Messrs. Colles, White, Byrne, Cash, Heery, M'Kenzie, and Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Octavo,18,11,,1,95,"ESTC T35622; Jackson Bibliography 13068; ECCO CW0113733710",,,,,Poetry,"BL 12699.a.9 (3)" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,8098,"History of the Honourable Edward Mortimer. By a lady.","By a lady",,"printed for Messrs. White, Byrne, Parker, and Cash",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,2,"iv,240","The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 32; ESTC N1522; ECCO CW0103320893; ECCO CW0103321009",,,,,Fiction,"EM 2486: 6; ESTC n001522" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2746,"Sacred dramas, written in French, by Madame La Comtesse de Genlis. Translated into English, by Thomas Holcroft.","by Madame La Comtesse de Genlis.",,"printed by J. Walker, for Messrs. Wilson, White, Wogan, Cash, Mckenzie, and Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,1,"x, 322","ESTC T144966; ECCO CW114050626; British Library http://explore.bl.uk/BLVU1:LSCOP-ALL:BLLSFX3360000000241564",,,,,Drama, 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2031,"The gamesters: a novel: in two volumes. By the authoress of Burton-wood and Joseph. ...","By the authoress of Burton-wood and Joseph",,"printed for Messrs. Burnet, Moncrieffe, Burton, White, Cash, Byrne, Marchbank, Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,2,,"ESTC N3370; The English Novel 1770-1829 1786: 33",,,,,"Fiction Novel","ESTC n003370" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,7590,"The recess; or, a tale of other times. By the author of The chapter of accidents.","By the author of The chapter of accidents",,"printed for Messrs. G. Burnet, R. Moncrieffe, J. Exshaw, J. Beatty, L. White, P. Byrne, S. Colbert, H. Whitestone, W. Sleater, J. Cash, R. Marchbank, T. Heary, and J. Moore",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I 296; II 274","ESTC T170600; The English Novel 1770-1829 1785: 37; British Library 1472.aa.42.",,,,,Fiction,"EM 3003: 9; ESTC t170600; BL 1472.aa.42." 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,2092,"Zoriada: or, Village annals. A novel.",Anonymous,,"Printed for Messrs. Colles, Gilbert, White, Byrne, Cash, Whitestone, Moore and Halpen",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1786,Duodecimo,,,,3,,"ESTC T212001; The English Novel 1770-1829 1786: 24; ECCO CB0130841120",,,,,"Fiction Novel","ESTC t212001" 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Printer,6711,"I'll Tell You What. A Comedy, in five acts, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. By Mrs. Inchbald.","By Mrs. Inchbald.",,"Printed by Messrs. W. Watson, Chamberlaine, Potts, Williams, Burnet, Colles, Wilkinson, Gilbert, Wilson, Jenkin, White, Burton, Beatty, Wogan, Cash, Byrne, H. Whitestone, Sleater, Perrin, W. Porter, Lewis, Heery, Jones, and Halpen.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1787,Duodecimo,,,,1,"[8], 62","ESTC T28334; ECCO CW3306494358",,,,,Drama, 303,"John Cash [Capel Street]",U,"14 Capel Street",Dublin,1783,1791,Publisher,4213,"A School for Greybeards; or, The Mourning Bride: a Comedy, in five acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. By Mrs. Cowley.","By Mrs. Cowley",,"Printed by William Porter, for Messrs. W. Watson, Gilbert, Williams, Colles, Burnet , Wilson, Wilkinson, Beatty, Wogan, Exshaw, Sleater, Byrne, Whitestone, Cash, Porter, Perrin, Colbert, Lewis, Herry, Jones, Moore, and Halpen.",no,Dublin,IE,53.3330600,-6.2488900,1787,Duodecimo,,,,1,"vi, [2], 63, [1]","ESTC T118223; ECCO CW3310773480",,,,,Drama,