"Firm ID",Name,Gender,"Street Address",City,"Start Date","End Date",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 597,"William Oxberry [Clarendon Square]",U,"11 Clarendon Square, Somers Town",London,1813,,Printer,8976,"""I Can't Afford It."" And Other Tales, by Mrs. Hamilton. In Two Volumes.","By Mrs. Hamilton",,"Printed by W. Oxberry, 11, Clarendon Square Somers Town. Published by C. Chapple, Pall Mall",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1813,Duodecimo,,,,2,"I 240; II 191","The English Novel 1770-1829 1813: 22; NCCO GALE|UCBJFX706697702",,10,,,"Fiction Tale","Corvey; CME 3-628-51030-9; ECB 252; NSTC H331 (BI BL)" 597,"William Oxberry [Clarendon Square]",U,"11 Clarendon Square, Somers Town",London,1813,,Printer,9178,"Earl Osric; or, The Legend of Rosamond. A Romance. By Mrs. Isaacs, author of ""Tales of To-Day,""—""Wanderings of Fancy,"" &c. &c. &c. In three volumes.","By Mrs. Isaacs, author of ""Tales of To-Day,""—""Wanderings of Fancy,"" &c. &c. &c.",,"Published by C. Chapple, Royal Subscription Circulating Library, 66, Pall-Mall, and Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1820,Duodecimo,,,,3,"I 263; II 315; III 436","The English Novel 1770-1829 1820: 39; NCCO GALE|AABZJI385348763",,24,,,"Fiction Romance","Corvey; CME 3-628-47948-7; ECB 301; xNSTC" 597,"William Oxberry [Clarendon Square]",U,"11 Clarendon Square, Somers Town",London,1813,,Publisher,12842,"Every One Has His Fault. A Comedy; By Mrs. Inchbald. With prefatory remarks. The only edition existing which is faithfully marked with the stage business, and stage directions, as it is performed at the Theatres Royal. By W. Oxberry, Comedian.","By Mrs. Inchbald [...] By W. Oxberry, Comedian.",,"Published for the proprietors, by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationer's Court, Ludgate-Street, and C. Chapple, 66, Pall Mall.",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1822,Unknown,,,"Oxberry's Edition",1,,"Hathi Trust Digital Library https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/006128602; WorldCat http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/38707981",,,,,Drama,