ID 2217
Last Name Rowson
First Name Susanna
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1762-02-15
Date of Death 1824-03-02
Place of Birth Portsmouth
Place of Death Boston
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Role Title Date
Author Victoria. A novel. In two volumes. The characters taken from real life, and calculated to improve the morals of the female sex, ... By Susannah Haswell. ... 1786
Author A Trip to Parnassus; or, the Judgment of Apollo on Dramatic Authors and Performers. A Poem. 1788
Author Poems on Various Subjects. By Mrs. Rowson, author of The Inquisitor, etc. 1788
Author The inquisitor; or, invisible rambler. In three volumes. By Mrs. Rowson, Author of Victoria. 1788
Author The test of honour, a novel. By a young lady. In two volumes. ... 1789
Author Charlotte. A tale of truth. In two volumes. ... 1791
Author Mentoria; or The young lady's friend. In two volumes. By Mrs. Rowson, author of Victoria, &c. &c. 1791
Author Mentoria; or the young lady's friend: by Mrs. Rowson, ... 1791
Author I never will be married. 1792
Author The Fille de Chambre, a novel, in three volumes, by the author of The Inquisitor, &c. &c. 1792
Author The fille de chambre, a novel. By the author of the Inquisitor, &c., &c. 1793
Author I'm in haste. A new song. 1794
Author I'm in haste. A new song. 1795
Author Reuben and Rachel; or, tales of old times. A novel. In two volumes. By Mrs. Rowson, author of Charlotte, Mentoria, Fille de Chambre, &c. &c. 1799

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