"Person ID","Last Name","First Name",Gender,"Birth Date","Birth City","Death Date","Death City",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 2288,Hart,"Mrs. Christian",F,,,,,Author,6919,"A letter from Mrs. Christian Hart, to Mrs. Margaret Caroline Rudd; elucidating several circumstances which did not appear on the trial; refuting particular falsities and Mal-Aspersions asserted by that Notified lady, and relating a Circumstantial Account of her transactions during the time Mrs. Hart lived servant with her. The Whole authenticated by the Affidavit of Mrs. Christian Hart, which is deposited in the Hands of the Publisher, and a Copy of which is annexed.","from Mrs. Christian Hart",,"sold by J. Williams, No. 46, Opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1776,Octavo,,,,1,70,"ESTC T103605; ECCO CW106203010",,,,,Letters,