"Person ID","Last Name","First Name",Gender,"Birth Date","Birth City","Death Date","Death City",Role,"Title Id",Title,"Signed Author",Pseudonym,Imprint,"Self Published","Printing City","Printing Country","Printing Lat","Printing Long",Date,Format,Length,Width,Edition,Volumes,Pagination,Sources,"Price Pound","Price Shilling","Price Pence","Other Price",Genre,"Shelf mark" 4954,Hoppus,Edward,M,,,1739,,Author,15027,"Practical measuring made easy to the meanest capacity by a new set of tables: Which show at sight, the solid or superficial content (and consequently the value) of any piece of quantity of squared or round timber, be it standing or felled, also of stone, board, glass, &c. made use of in the erecting or repairing of any building, &c, contrived to answer all the occasions of gentlemen and artificers, far beyond any thing yet extant: the contents being given in feet, inches, and twelfth parts of an inch. With a preface, shewing the excellence of this new method of measuring, and demonstrating, that whoever ventures to rely upon those obsolete tables and directions published by Isaac Keay, is liable to be deceived (in common cases) 10s. in the pound. By E. Hoppus, surveyor to the corporation of the London assurance. The twelfth edition. Greatly improved by the following additions, I. New tables shewing at sight the value of any piece or quantity of timber, stone, &c. at any price per foot cube. II. Mr. Hoppus's table of solid measure applied to the freighting of ships. III. Some very curious observations concerning the measuring of timber by several dimensions, communicated by one of His Majesty's purveyors.","By E. Hoppus, surveyor to the corporation of the London assurance.",,"printed, by assignment from the trustees of E. Wicksteed, for J. F. and C. Rivington, T. Longman, B. Law, J. Johnson, G. G. J. and J. Robinson, R. Baldwin, W. Goldsmith, J. Bew, S. Hayes, G. and T. Wilkie, Scatcherd and Whitaker, W. Lowndes, J. Taylor, and E. Newbery",no,London,GB,51.5085300,-0.1257400,1790,Duodecimo,,,,,204,"ESTC N20676",,,,,,