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Aiken, Alfred Lawrence Poems, on various subjects. By Isabella Oliver, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. ; [Four lines from Beattie
Alden, Timothy Cramer's deutscher pittsburger für die westliche Gegend eingerichteter Calender, auf das Jahr unsers Heilandes Jesu Christi, 1819. ... Mit besonderem Fleiss für die westliche Gegend eingerichtet von dem Ehrw. Johan Taylor, zu Pittsburg, welcher sich längst durch seine Wetterrechnungen ausgezeichnet hat. ; Zum Fünftenmal herausgegeben
Arsenault, James A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum. : Part I. By Frances Wright, author of "Views of society and manners in America. " ; [Two lines from Thomson's Liberty] ; Republished from the original London edition
Ayer, Nathaniel Farwell History of the United States, or, Republic of America: designed for schools and private libraries. Emma Willard, principal of Troy Female Seminary
Ayer, Nathaniel Farwell Journal. By Frances Anne Butler. ; In two volumes. Vol. I[-II
Baird, James The works of Hannah More, with a sketch of her life. : Complete in two volumes. Volume I[-II
Baird, James The cottage girl; or An account of Ann Edwards. By the author of The retrospect, &c. &c
Baird, James Writings of Miss Fanny Woodbury, who died at Beverly, Nov. 15, 1814, aged twenty-three years. Selected and edited by Joseph Emerson, Pastor of the Third Congregational Church in Beverly. ; [Two lines of quotations
Ball, Alice Harper Damon Words of truth. By the author of The well spent hour and The warning. [Two lines of quotation
Ball, Alice Harper Damon Charlotte Temple. A tale of truth. By Mrs. Rowson, Late of the New Theatre, Philadelphia; author of Victoria, the Inquisitor, Fille de Chambre, &c. Two volumes in one.
Bates, Albert Carlos Charlotte Temple. A tale of truth by Mrs. Rowson. Late of the New-Theatre, Philadelphia; Author of Victoria the Inquïsitor, Fille de Chambre, &c.
Beare, Steven Elizabeth, or The exiles of Siberia, being a true and affecting display of filial affection. By Madame Cottin. ; Translated from the French
Bemis, Frank Brewer Tales of Glauber-Spa. By several American authors. ; [Four lines from Pope] ; In two volumes. Vol. I[-II
Blaney, Lamson The juvenile forget me not, or Cabinet of entertainment and instruction. by the author of "The rival Crusoes," "The young emigrant," etc
Blaney, Lamson Conversations on common things; or, Guide to knowledge. With questions. : For the use of schools. By a teacher. ; [Three lines from Locke
Blaney, Lamson Little Manuel, the captive boy. A true story. By Mrs. Hofland
Blaney, Lamson Warning and example to the young; or The story of Mrs. Neville and her grand-children. By the author of "The teacher," "Orphan sisters," "Memoir of Mary Ann P--," &c. &c
Blaney, Lamson The ornaments discovered: a moral tale. By Mrs. Hughs, author of Aunt Mary's tales, The metamorphoses, Stories for children, &c. &c
Blaney, Lamson Early impressions. [Seven lines of verse from The progress of error
Blaney, Louise W. [Fabulous histories. Designed for the amusement and instruction of young persons. By Mrs. Trimmer
Bolick, Charles S. The Southern rose
Bourque, Andrew Poems by Mrs. Felicia Hemans. ; With a preface by the American editor. ; Vol. I[-II
Bowen, Clarence Winthrop Popular tales. By Maria Edgeworth, author of Practical Education, Belinda, Castle Rackrent, Irish bulls, &c. &c. Third American Edition, complete in two volumes.
Breset, J. Hints for the improvement of early education and nursery discipline. [Six lines of quotations
Brewington, Marion Vernon The fishes grand gala. A companion to The "peacock at home," &c. &c. By Mrs. Cockle, author of The juvenile journal, &c Part I.[-II.] ; [Two lines of verse