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Adomeit, Ruth E. The Publications of the American Tract Society
Adomeit, Ruth E. The two birth-days, a moral tale. By the author of the "Factory girl," "James Talbot," "The badge," &c
Adomeit, Ruth E. Gems in the mine; or Traits and habits of childhood. In verse. By Mary Elliot [sic
Adomeit, Ruth E. Nurse Truelove's Christmas box: or, The golden plaything for little children; by which they may learn the letters as soon as they can speak, and know how to behave so as to make every body love them
Adomeit, Ruth E. Juvenile correspondence; or, Letters suited to children from four to above ten years of age. In three sets
Adomeit, Ruth E. The history of an Indian woman; or Religion exemplified in the life of Poor Sarah. Founded on fact
Adomeit, Ruth E. Lucy and her dhaye
Adomeit, Ruth E. The affecting history of the children in the wood. By Clara English
Adomeit, Ruth E. The babes in the wood
Adomeit, Ruth E. The cowslip; or, Cautionary stories in verse
Adomeit, Ruth E. The sisters, and The rose, or, History of Ellen Selwyn. Adorned with cuts
Adomeit, Ruth E. The warning clock; or, The voice of the New Year. By the author of "The two lambs," &c. ; [four lines of verse
Adomeit, Ruth E. Hymns for infant minds. By the author of Original poems, Rhymes for the nursery, &c. ; [One line from Paul] ; To which are added lines on the death of Mrs. Harriet Newell, and the twins
Adomeit, Ruth E. The children in the wood. An affecting tale
Adomeit, Ruth E. My brother. Embellished with coloured engravings
Adomeit, Ruth E. A geographical present: being descriptions of the several countries of Africa. : Compiled from the best authorities. : With representations of the various inhabitants in their respective costumes
Adomeit, Ruth E. Classic tales: designed for the instruction and amusement of young persons. By the author of "American popular lessons," "Tales from American history," &c. &c. ; Embellished with original and appropriate engravings
Adomeit, Ruth E. The basket makers. In two parts. By Mrs. Hewlett Part II
Adomeit, Ruth E. My mother, or, Recollections of infancy, childhood and youth. Embellished with several neat engravings
Adomeit, Ruth E. The happy family; or, Winter evenings' employment. Consisting of reading and conversations, in seven parts. By a friend of youth. ; With cuts by Anderson. ; [Three lines from Hannah More
Adomeit, Ruth E. A Pleasing toy
Adomeit, Ruth E. The history of the adventures, love, and constancy, of Paul and Virginia. From the French. ; To which is added, The hedge of thorns, a moral tale
Adomeit, Ruth E. Truth and falsehood, exemplified in a true history. By Mrs. Hewlett
Adomeit, Ruth E. Select rhymes for the nursery. : [Four lines of verse
Adomeit, Ruth E. How to be happy; or, The cottage of content: and The water-cress boy. By Mrs. Kentish. ; Embellished with twelve neatly coloured cuts