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@book{ wphp_9382
  title={Emma De Lissau; A Narrative Of Striking Vicissitudes, And Peculiar Trials; With notes, Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Jews. By The Author Of "Sophia De Lissau," "Elizabeth Allen," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Third Edition.},
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@book{ wphp_10040
  title={The Maid of Scio: A Tale of Modern Greece. In Six Cantos},
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@book{ wphp_10113
  author={Gregory,John and Talbot,Catherine and Chapone,Hester Mulso},
  title={A father's legacy to his daughters by Dr. Gregory.  A letter to a new-married lady. By Mrs. Chapone, etc.},
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@book{ wphp_12996
  author={Barnard,Frances Catherine},
  title={Conversations at the work-table. By a mother.},
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@book{ wphp_9680
  author={Twamley,Louisa Anne},
  title={Poems by Louisa Anne Twamley. With Original Illustrations, drawn and etched by the authoress.},
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