Spotlights are short essays written by the WPHP team that focus on a person, firm or title record in our data. The aim of these spotlights, as the name suggests, is to focus on and tell stories about the persons, firms and titles in our records. We often use these spotlights as an opportunity to discuss our data model, exploring our strategies for collecting data and our attempts to resolve issues that arise. Our spotlights usually draw upon multiple WPHP records, and all records are included in a list of WPHP Records Referenced. The spotlights draw upon existing research, which is included in a Works Cited, and we also often include a list of Further Readings. Our first spotlight launched in April 2019, and featured Maria Rundell’s A New System of Domestic Cookery, one of the 19th century's best-selling cookbooks. As of late 2020, we have published eight title spotlights, four person spotlights, and four firm spotlights.

In June 2020, we launched our first spotlight series, a collection of spotlights that address a particular theme or issue. Our inaugural spotlight series was on Black Women’s and Abolition Print History, published in June and July 2020, and we also published a Spooky series for Halloween 2020.

Posted 2020-11-25 2:32:29 PM by Sara Penn in Research.