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Fielding, Sarah. The new adventures of David Simple. By Miss Fielding. London: Mary Cooper, 1740.
Blair, Robert. The Grave. A Poem. By Robert Blair. London: Mary Cooper, 1743.
Jovi Eleutherio: Or, an Offering to Liberty. London: Mary Cooper, Robert Dodsley, 1745.
The Hampstead Congress: or, the happy pair. London: Mary Cooper, Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], 1745.
The Stilton Hero: A Poem. London: Mary Cooper, 1745.
Whitehead, Paul. Honour. A satire. By Mr. Whitehead. London: Mary Cooper, 1747.
Fielding, Henry. Ovid’s Art of love paraphrased, and adapted to the present time. With notes. And a most correct edition of the original. Book I. London: Anne Dodd II, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], Mary Cooper, 1747.
Unknown, . Jane Shore to the Duke of Gloster, an epistle. Robert Dodsley, 1749.
Stebbing, Henry. A Fragment. London: Mary Cooper, 1750.
Cotton, Nathaniel. Visions in verse. For the entertainment and instruction of younger minds. London: Robert Dodsley, 1751.
Davys, Mary. The reform'd coquet; or, memoirs of Amoranda. A novel. By Mrs. Davys, author of The humours of York. The seventh edition. London: Mary Cooper, George Woodfall [Charing Cross], William Cater, 1760.
Unknown, . The history of Greece: by way of question and answer, in three parts. London: Robert Baldwin I, John Rivington, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], Mary Cooper, Charles Hitch and Lacy Hawes, Stanley Crowder and Co. [Paternoster Row], Thomas Caslon, Henry Woodfall II, Robert Withy, John Newbery, J. Richardson [Paternoster Row], Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], 1761.
de Graffigny, Françoise. Letters written by a Peruvian Princess. Translated from the French. London: Mary Cooper, 1768.