ID 1983
Name William Clowes [Stamford Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Stamford Street
City London
Start Date 1823
End Date 1883


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Illustrations of Political Economy. No. XXI. A Tale of the Tyne. By Harriet Martineau. Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Printer Illustrations of Political Economy. No. XXII. Briery Creek. A Tale. By Harriet Martineau. Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Printer Poor Laws and Paupers Illustrated. II. The Hamlets. A Tale. By Harriet Martineau. Martineau , Harriet (Author)
Printer Waltzburg: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Printer A Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy; Its Natural History, Manners, Customs, Superstitions, Scenery, Antiquities, Biography of Eminent Persons, &c. &c. In a Series of Letters to Robert Southey, Esq. By Mrs. Bray, Author of 'Travels in Normandy,' 'Fitz of Fitz-Ford,' 'The Talba,' 'De Foix,' etc. In Three Volumes. Bray , Anna Eliza (Author)
Printer England in 1835. Being a Series of Letters Written to Friends in Germany, During a Residence in London and Excursions into the Provinces: By Friedrich von Raumer, Professor of History at the University of Berlin, author of the "history of the Hohenstaufen", of the "history of Europe from the end of the fifteen century", of "illustrations of the history of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries", &C. &C. Translated from the German, by Sarah Austin. Three Vols. von Raumer , Friedrich Ludwig Georg (Author)
Lloyd , Hannibal Evans (Translator)
Austin , Sarah (Translator)
Printer Mrs. Armytage; Or, Female Domination. By the Authoress of “Mothers and Daughters.” In Three Volumes. Gore , Catherine Grace Frances (Author)
Printer Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan, and on the Site of Ancient Nineveh; with Journal of a Voyage down the Tigris to Bagdad, and an Account of a Visit to Shirauz and Persepolis. By the Late Claudius James Rich, Esqre The Hon. East India Company’s Resident at Bagdad, Author of “An Account of Ancient Babylon.” Edited by His Widow. Two Volumes. Rich , Mary (Editor)
Rich , Claudius James (Author)

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