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@book{ wphp_5082
  author={Riccoboni,Marie Jeanne},
  title={The history of Christina, princess of Swabia; and of Eloisa de Livarot. Translated from the French of Madame Riccoboni. In two volumes.},
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@book{ wphp_5196
  title={Elfrida; or, paternal ambition. A novel. In two volumes. By a lady.},
  publisher={James Moore [Dublin] \& John Halpen (also Halpin) [Henry Street] \& Luke White [Dame Street] \& Patrick Byrne I [College Green] \& Richard Lewis [Capel Street] \& Charles Brown \& },
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@book{ wphp_8106
  title={Blenheim Lodge, a novel. In two volumes.},
  publisher={Patrick Wogan [23 Old Bridge] \& John Halpen (also Halpin) [Henry Street] \& Patrick Byrne I [Grafton Street] \& Stephen Colbert [Capel Street] \& Bernard Dornin [College Green] \& },
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@book{ wphp_2558
  author={Smith,Charlotte Turner},
  title={The romance of real life. By Charlotte Smith. In two volumes.},
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@book{ wphp_8151
  author={Knight,Ellis Cornelia},
  title={Dinarbas; a tale: being a continuation of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia.},
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