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Glasse , H. (1784). The art of cookery, made plain and easy; which far exceeds any thing of the kind yet published. ... to which are added, one hundred and fifty new and useful receipts. and also 50 receipts for different articles of perfumery. by mrs. glasse. a new edition. with all the modern improvements: and also the order of a bill of fare, for each month, in the manner the dishes are to be placed upon the table, in the present taste. London: John Rivington and Sons [or J. F. and C. Rivington] George Robinson [ii] Thomas Cadell [London] Thomas Evans [32 Paternoster Row] Joseph Johnson. William Nicoll. Andrew Strahan [1788-1806, 1817-1831] Robert Baldwin I. Thomas Payne and Son. Thomas and William Lowndes. John Bew [Paternoster Row] James Robson. William Owen. Elizabeth Newbery. Thomas Longman II. William Goldsmith [Paternoster Row] George and Thomas Wilkie. John Sewell [Royal Exchange] Benjamin White and Son. William Fox. David Ogilvy. Lockyer Davis [High Holborn] William and Charles Domville. John Knox [London]