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@book{ wphp_2066
  title={A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad English; or, an easy guide to speaking and writing the English language properly and correctly. Containing, I. Orthography; or True Spelling, which treats of the Sounds and Uses of the several Letters in all Positions; of the Division of Words into Syllables, and the Use of Points. II. Prosody; or the Art of Pronouncing Syllables in Words truly, with Tables of Words properly accented. III. Etymology; or the Kinds of Words, which explains the several Parts of Speech; their Derivations and different Endings; Change and Likeness to one another. IV. Syntax; or Construction, which teaches how to connect Words aright in a Sentence, or Sentences together. To which is added, a curious and useful appendix. A new edition, corrected and improved. By A. Fisher.},
  publisher={John Binns \& },
  address={Leeds},    }