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Brooke, Frances. The Excursion. In two volumes. By Mrs. Brooke, author of the History of Lady Julia Mandeville, and of Emily Montague. Dublin: James Potts, Richard Cross, Thomas Walker, John Beatty [Skinner Row], Richard Moncrieffe [16 Capel Street], William Colles [19 Dame Street], Bartholomew Corcoran I [King's Inn Quay], Edward Cross, Caleb Jenkin [58 Dame Street], James Williams [21 Skinner Row], Samuel Price [Henry Street], William Whitestone [Skinner Row], Thomas Armitage [College Green], William Wilson [6 Dame Street] [1763–66; 1768–95], Luke White [18 Crampton Street], Arthur Grueber [15 Dame Street], William Sleater I [Castle Street], Patrick Higly, James Hoey, Junior [Parliament Street], John Exshaw II [Dame Street], Dillon Chamberlaine [College Green], William Spotswood [College Green], Sarah Hallhead, 1777.