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@book{ wphp_15649
  title={Some Reflections upon Marriage. With Additions. The Fifth Edition.},
  publisher={Sarah Hyde and Eliphal Dobson II \& },
  address={Dublin},    }
@book{ wphp_14487
  title={A letter from Rome, shewing an exact conformity between popery and paganism: Or, the religion of the present Romans, derived from that of their heathen ancestors. The fourth edition. To which are added, I. A prefatory discourse, containing an answer for all the objections of the writer of a popish book, intituled, The Catholic Christian instructed, &c. with many new facts and testimonies, in farther confirmation of the general new argument of the letter. And II. A postscript, in which Mr. Warburton's Opinion concerning the Paganism of Rome is particularly considered. By Conyers Middleton, D.D. Principal Librarian of the University of Cambridge.},
  publisher={Robert Owen},
  address={Dublin},    }
@book{ wphp_14426
  title={Hudibras, in three parts, written in the time of the late wares: corrected and amended. With large annotations, and a preface, by Zachary Grey, LL.D. Adorn'd with a new set of cuts.},
  publisher={Robert Owen \& William Brien (also Bryan)},
  address={Dublin},    }
@book{ wphp_14500
  title={Poems on several occasions. Written by Dr. Thomas Parnell, late Arch-Deacon of Clogher: and publish'd by Mr. Pope. The seventh edition with additions.},
  publisher={Robert Owen \& Richard Gunne (or Gunn) [Capel Street 1710-1719, 1725-1758]},
  address={Dublin},    }
@book{ wphp_14539
  title={A Protestant catechism; shewing the principal errors of the church of Rome. Published by order of the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant schools in Ireland. The third edition.},
  publisher={Robert Owen},
  address={Dublin},    }