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Owenson, Sydney. The wild Irish girl, a national tale. By Miss Owenson, author of the Novice of St. Dominick, &c. &c. New York City: Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, Matthias Ward, Campbell and Mitchell, Ezra Sargeant, T. and J. Swords, Evert Duyckinck [110 Pearl Street], Samuel A. Burtus, Benjamin Crane, Joseph Osborn, David Longworth, Margaret Harrisson, Peter A. Mesier, Stephen Gould, 1807.
Owenson, Sydney. The lay of an Irish harp; or Metrical fragments. By Miss Owenson. New York: Ezra Sargeant, David Longworth, George Jansen, Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, Matthias Ward, Evert Duyckinck [110 Pearl Street], Joseph Osborn, T. and J. Swords, Campbell and Mitchell, Margaret Harrisson, Samuel A. Burtus, Benjamin Crane, 1808.
Opie, Amelia. Temper, or, Domestic scenes: a tale, three volumes in two. By Mrs. Opie. New York: James Eastburn & Co., 1812.
More, Hannah. Christian morals. By Hannah More. First American from the Fourth London Edition. New York: Eastburn, Kirk and Co., Bradford and Read, 1813.