ID Name Street Address City Start Date End date
57 Charles Wood Poppin's Court, Fleet Street London (GB)
550 Charles Wood and Innes Poppin's Court, Fleet Street London (GB)
1143 Christopher Bentham Dublin (IE)
1922 City Printing Office Bristol (GB)
1142 Clark and Medd Whitby (GB)
5333 Clark Austin and Co. 3 Park Row New York City (US)
5253 Clarke and Co. Manchester (GB)
2263 Clarke and Collins 32 Paternoster Row London (GB) 1777
4825 Clarke and Son Newcastle upon Tyne (GB)
1684 Clarkes Manchester (GB)
464 Clarks, Bancks, and Thomson Manchester (GB)
2428 Cleer Sewell Harleston (GB) 1830
2558 Collier and Stockwell Long Bennington (GB)
688 Collins and Hannay New York City (US)
802 Company of Flying Stationers Glasgow (GB)
538 Constable, Hunter, Park, and Hunter London (GB)
3219 Cook Swallow Street London (GB)
3885 Cope 49 Cheapside London (GB)
1765 Cornhill London (GB)
3560 Corri [Little Newport Street] 15 Little Newport Street, Leicester Square London (GB)
5354 Cranston and Hammond Providence (US)
3870 Crutwell and Hazard Bath (GB)
5309 Cummings, Hilliard and Co. Washington Street Boston (US)
5385 D. & G. Bruce No. 276 Pearl-Street New York City (US)
2706 D. Carpenter Newry (GB)