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Nepos, Cornelius, and Gerardus J. Vossius. Cornelii Nepotis Vitae excellentium imperatorum: cum versione Anglicana, in qua verbum de verbo, quantum fieri potuit, redditur: notis quoque Anglicis, & indice locupletissimo. Or, Cornelius Nepos's Lives of the excellent commanders. With an English translation, as literal as possible: with English notes, and a large index. By John Clarke, late master of the public grammar-school in Hull. Philadelphia: Jacob Johnson & Benjamin Warner, Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street], Thomas and William Bradford, B.B. Hopkins & Co., Bennett & Walton, Edward Earle, C. & A. Conrad & Co., Bradford and Inskeep, Kimber and Conrad, Stephen Pike, 1810.