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Walker, John. The Universal Gazetteer; Being a Concise Description, Alphabetically Arranged, of the Nations, Kingdoms, States, Towns, Empires, Provinces, Cities, Oceans, Seas, Harbours, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Mountains, Capes, &c. In the Known World; The Government, Manners, and Religion of the Inhabitants, with the Extent, Boundaries, and Natural Productions, Manufactures and Curiosities of the Different Countries. Containing Several Thousand Places not to be met with in any similar Gazetteer. Illustrated with Fourteen Maps. By John Walker. The Second Edition, Further accommodated to commercial Purposes, as well as general Information by another Hand. London: David Ogilvy and Son, John Walker II [44 Paternoster Row, 1784-1814, 1818-1825], James Scatcherd, John Cuthell [4 Middle Row], Henry Delahoy Symonds [Paternoster Row], Richard Lea [Greek Street, Soho], William Darton and Joseph Harvey [Gracechurch], Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Poultry], Lackington, Allen and Co., Benjamin Crosby, John Wright [169 Piccadilly], Lee and Hurst, James Wallis [46 Paternoster Row], 1798.