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@book{ wphp_21465
  title={The Picture of Philadelphia, giving an account of its origin, increase and improvements in arts, sciences, manufactures, commerce and revenue. With a compendious view of its societies, literary, benevolent, patriotic, & religious. Its police--the public buildings--the prison and penetentiary [sic] system--institutions, monied and civil--museum. By James Mease, M. D.},
  publisher={Benjamin and Thomas Kite \& },
  address={Philadelphia},    }
@book{ wphp_21725
  title={Gurney's easy and compendious system of short hand; adapted to the arts and sciences, and to the learned professions. Improved by Thomas Sergeant. Third American Edition.},
  publisher={Mathew Carey [121 Chesnut Street] \& },
  address={Philadelphia},    }