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  title={A compendious and accurate treatise of fines upon writs of covenant; and recoveries upon writs of entry in the post. With ample and copious Instructions how to draw, acknowledge, and levy the same in all Cases. Being a Work performed with great Exactness, and full of Variety of Clerkship. With an Addition of several Precedents, and many Observations, Rules and Cases concerning the Effect and Operation of Fines and Recoveries. The fifth edition, reviewed, corrected, and now very much inlarged.},
  publisher={Daniel Browne I \& John Walthoe I \& Benjamin Tooke II \& William Mears [Temple Bar] \& Thomas Ward \& Thomas Bickerton \& Thomas Woodward},
  address={London},    }
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  title={Compendious and Accurate Treatise of Fines and Recoveries. Vol. II. Containing a Compleat Collection of Choice Precedents for Fines upon Writs of Covenant, and Common Recoveries upon Writs of Entry in the Post, in all Cases; Whereby Lands may be Settled, 1. In the Crown, to preserve the same in the Name and Blood to the utmost Posterity: Or, 2. The same may be transferred from one Person to another, in Fee-simple, Fee-tail, for Life or Years: Or, 3. Annuities, or Rent charges, may be granted thereby in Fee, in Tail, for Life or Years: And, 4. Any other Estate may be raised thereby, which can be done by Deed of Conveyance at Common Law. To which Precedents are prefixt two Discourses of the Nature and Operation of, and the Use and Practice relating to, Fines and Recoveries, deduced from Experience, and the best Authors both Ancient and Modern upon the Subject. The second edition, very much corrected and amended. By W. Brown, a Clerk of the Court of Common-Pleas.},
  publisher={Abel Roper II \& Daniel Midwinter I \& Thomas Ward},
  address={London},    }
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  title={The history of the propagation of Christianity among the heathen since the Reformation. By the Rev. William Brown, M.D. In two volumes. First American, from the last London edition.},
  publisher={Esther Prentiss Low \& },
  address={New York},    }