ID 2030
Last Name Robinson
First Name Mary
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1758-11-27
Date of Death 1800-12-26
Place of Birth Bristol
Place of Death Englefield Green
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Role Title Date
Author Memoirs of the late Mrs. Robinson, written by herself. With some posthumous pieces. In two volumes. 1802
Author Memoirs of the late Mrs. Robinson. Written by Herself. In Two Volumes. 1803
Author Memoirs of the late Mrs. Robinson. Written by Herself. In Two Volumes. 1803
Author Walsingham; or, the pupil of nature. A domestic story. In four volumes. By Mary Robinson, author of Poems—Angelina—Hubert de Sevrac—The Widow—Vancenza, &c. &c. &c. Second Edition. 1805
Author The Poetical Works of the Late Mrs. Mary Robinson. Including many pieces never before published. In three volumes. 1806
Author The Parnassian Garland; or, beauties of modern poetry : consisting of upwards of two hundred pieces, selected from the works of the most distinguished poets of the present age. With introductory lines to each article. Designed for the use of schools and the admirers of poetry in general. By John Evans, A. M. Master of a seminary for a limited number of pupils, Pullin's Row, Islington. 1807
Author A Collection of tales, written by Kotzebue, Charlotte Smith, Midford [i.e., Mudford], Von Messing, Meissner, Mrs. Opie, Florian, (the French Goldsmith) St. Evremond, the author of the "World without souls," and others; and a few pieces of poetry, by Mrs. Robinson, B. Pratt, Montgomery, and others. 1808
Author Sappho and Phaon. In a Series of Legitimate Sonnets, with Thoughts on Poetical Subjects, and Anecdotes of the Grecian Poetess. By Mary Robinson, author of Vancenza; The Widow; Angelina; Walsingham; Hubert de Sevrac; Natural Daughter; the Sicilian Lover, &c. &c. 1813
Author The Poetical Works of the Late Mrs Mary Robinson. Including the Pieces Last Published. The Three Volumes Complete in One. 1824
Author Flora and Thalia; or Gems of Flowers and Poetry; being an Alphabetical Arrangement of Flowers, with Appropriate Poetical Illustrations, Embellished with Coloured Plates. By A Lady. 1835

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