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@book{ wphp_13343
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  title={The Pilgrim's Progress, from this world, to that which is to come. Delivered under the similitude of a dream. Wherein is discovered, I. The manner of his setting out. II. his dangerous journey; III. his safe arrival at the desired country. By John Bunyan. A new editions, divided into Chapters. To which are added, large explanatory and practical notes; with the life of the author: by G. Burder, minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the Rev. Mr. Wills, of London; and the Rev. Dr. Gillies, of Glasgow.},
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@book{ wphp_13340
  title={Early Piety: or, Memoirs of children, eminently serious. Interspersed with familiar dialogues; emblematical pictures, prayers, graces, and hymns. By George Burger, Minister of the Gospel at Coventry. Recommended by the late Rev. Dr. Peckwell. The Fifth Edition. With Eight new copper-plate cuts.},
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