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Cowley, Hannah, Elizabeth Inchbald, Hannah More, Charlotte T. Smith, August F. F. v. Kotzebue, John O'Keeffe, Sophia Lee, Thomas Holcroft, Thomas Hull, Richard Cumberland, Frances Watkis, Robert Jephson, George (. y. Colman, Frederick Reynolds, Joseph G. Holman, Thomas Morton, Thomas Dibdin, James Cobb, Richard B. Sheridan, John St. John, Joseph Richardson, Frederick Pilon, George Watson, William Macready, George (. e. Colman, and Henry Siddons. The Modern Theatre; A Collection of Successful Modern Plays, as acted at the Theatres Royal, London. Printed from the prompt books under the authority of the managers. Selected by Mrs. Inchbald. In ten volumes. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811.
Brooke, Frances, Oliver Goldsmith, Richard Steele, David Garrick, Frederick Pilon, George (. e. Colman, Robert Dodsley, Nicholas Rowe, John Home, Isaac Bickerstaff, Colley Cibber, George Lillo, John Vanbrugh, Hugh Kelly, and Edward Moore. The English Drama Purified: Being a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages that have appeared to the editor to be objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With prefaces and notes. By James Plumptre, B.D. Fellow of Clark-Hall, Cambridge. Cambridge: 1812.
Cowley, Hannah, Elizabeth Inchbald, August F. F. v. Kotzebue, Matthew G. Lewis, John Hughes, Susanna Centlivre, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Holcroft, Richard Steele, Henry Brooke, John Tobin, Richard Cumberland, David Garrick, John Milton, Arthur Murphy, Robert Jephson, George (. y. Colman, Sir H. B. Dudley, Joseph G. Holman, James Cobb, Richard B. Sheridan, Frederick Pilon, George (. e. Colman, Ben Jonson, Nathaniel Lee, William Congreve, Robert Dodsley, Nicholas Rowe, Joseph Addison, William Whitehead, Ambrose Philips, Henry Jones, Henry Fielding, Isaac Bickerstaff, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, Colley Cibber, Edward Young, Thomas Otway, William Shirley, George Farquhar, James Thomson, George Lillo, John Vanbrugh, Thomas Southerne, Aaron Hill, James Miller, John Brown, Hugh Kelly, Benjamin Hoadly, Edward Moore, Samuel Foote, Charles Macklin, John Burgoyne, Charles Dibdin, Isaac Jackman, John T. Allingham, Thomas Knight, Kane O'Hara, Samuel Birch, John P. Kemble, John Gay, James Townley, Andrew Cherry, Charles Coffey, Henry Carey, Philip Massinger, Francis Gentleman, Benjamin Thompson, William T. Moncrieff, Henry Hartwell, Mr. O'Brien, Thomas Francklin, Miles P. Andrews, Thomas King, and James C. Cross. The London Stage; a collection of the most reputed tragedies, comedies, operas, melo-dramas, farces, and interludes. Accurately printed from acting copies, as performed at the Theatres Royal, and carefully collated and revised. London: Giles Balne, 1824.