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Smollett, Tobias George. Travels through France and Italy. Containing observations on Character, Customs, Religion, Government, Police, Commerce, Arts, and Antiquities, With a particular description of the town, territory, and climate of Nice: to which is added, a register of the weather, kept during a residence of eighteen months in that city. By T. Smollett, M.D. In two volumes. Dublin: James Hoey, Senior, Ann Leathley, Peter Wilson [Dame St, 1748–66], Elizabeth Watts [m. Lynch in 1768], Henry Saunders [Castle Street], John Exshaw I [Dame Street], Dillon Chamberlaine [Dame Street], John Murphy, W. Sleator, James Hoey, Junior [Parliament Street], James Potts, Samuel Watson [Dame Street], James Williams [5 Skinner Row], 1766.
Fielding, Henry, et al. Ballantyne's Novelist's Library. Edinburgh: Thomas Hurst, George Robinson and Co. [Cheapside], John Ballantyne, 1821.