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@book{ wphp_13563
  title={Memoirs of ****, Commonly known by the name of George Psalmanazar; a reputed native of Formosa. Written by himself in order to be published after his death. Containing an account of his education, travels, adventures, connections, literary productions, and pretended conversion from heathenism to Christianity; which last proved the occasion of his being brought over into this Kingdom, and passing for a proselyte, and a member of the Church of England.},
  publisher={Peter Wilson [Dame St, 1748–66] \& John Exshaw I [Dame Street] \& Sarah Cotter (later Stringer) [Skinner Row] \& James Potts \& James Williams [5 Skinner Row] \& Elizabeth Watts [m. Lynch in 1768]},
  address={Dublin},    }