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Starke, Mariana. The Sword of Peace; or, a voyage of love; a Comedy in five acts. First performed at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market, on Saturday, August the 9th, 1788. Dublin: Patrick Wogan [23 Old Bridge], James Moore [Dublin], Arthur Grueber and McAllister, William Jones I [Dame Street], William McKenzie [Dame Street], Bernard Dornin [108 Grafton Street], Patrick Byrne I [Grafton Street], Hannah Chamberlaine, Hugh Fitzpatrick [Cope Street], David Servant [Sackville Street], 1789.
Starke, Mariana. The Widow of Malabar. A Tragedy, in Three Acts. As It is Performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Dublin: James Moore [Dublin], William Jones I [Dame Street], Patrick Byrne I [Grafton Street], Patrick Wogan [Church Street], George Draper, Peter Moore, John Rice [5 College Green], Arthur Grueber [59 Dame Street], John Jones [Grafton Street], R. White [Dublin], 1791.