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Hoyle, Edmond. Hoyle's games improved; being practical treatises on whist, quadrille, piquet, chess, back-gammon, draughts, cricket, Tennis, Quinze, Hazard, Lansquenet, Billiards, and Goff or Golf: In which are contained, the method of betting at those games upon equal or advantageous Terms; including the laws of each, as settled and agreed to, at Brookes's, White's, D'Aubigny's, the Scavoir Vivre, Miles's, Payne's, and other Fashionable Houses &c. Revised and corrected by Charles Jones, Esq. A new edition enlarged. London: Francis, Charles and John Rivington, Thomas Payne and Son, Robert Baldwin I, Bedwell Law [13 Ave Maria Lane, 1767-1790, 1794-1795], William Goldsmith [Paternoster Row], William Lowndes [76 Fleet Street], Elizabeth Newbery, Samuel Bladon [13 Paternoster Row], George and Thomas Wilkie, Charles Stalker [King Street], 1790.