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Last Name Vernor
First Name Ann
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1744
Date of Death 1807-11-09
Place of Birth
Place of Death Islington
Related Firms Ann Vernor, Thomas Hood, and Charles Sharpe
Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Poultry]
Ann Vernor and Thomas Hood [Birchin Lane]
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Notes Date of birth tentative.


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Role Title Date
Publisher Mentorial tales for the instruction of young ladies just leaving school and entering upon the theatre of life. By Mrs. Pilkington. 1802
Publisher Rural Recreations; or Modern Famer's Calendar; or Monthly Instructor: Exhibiting under a comprehensive form, All the operations necessary on a farm, For every month of th year: As well as all the recent improvements in Agriculture and Rural Economy. By a Farmer. 1802
Publisher Tales of Superstition and Chivalry 1802
Publisher The Guardian Angel 1802
Publisher Goldsmith's Natural History, Abridged, for the use of schools. By Mrs. Pilkington. 1803
Publisher Poems, Moral, Elegant and Pathetic: viz. Essay on Man, by Pope; the Monk of La Trappe, by Jerningham; the Grave, by Blair; An Elegy in a Country Churchyard, by Gray; the Hermit of Wark-Worth, by Percy; and Original Sonnets, by Helen Maria Williams. 1803
Publisher The Vale of Conway. A Novel. By a lady. In four volumes. 1803
Publisher A Mirror for the Female Sex. Historical beauties for young ladies, intended to lead the female mind to the love and practice of moral goodness. Designed principally for the use of ladies' schools. By Mrs. Pilkington. The third edition. Ornamented with thirty engravings, beautifully cut on wood. 1804
Bookseller Memoirs of celebrated female characters, who have distinguished themselves by their talents and virtues in every age and nation; containing the most extensive collection of illustrious examples of feminine excellence ever published; in which the virtuous and the vicious are painted in their true colours. By Mrs. Pilkington. Embellished with portraits. 1804
Publisher Village Anecdotes; or, The Journal of a Year, from Sophia to Edward. With Original Poems. By Mrs. Le Noir. In Three Volumes. 1804
Bookseller Fugitive Poems. By Mrs. Bayfield. 1805
Publisher Interesting Tales: Consisting of Isidore, Arthur, The Clear-Sighted Blind Man, Robert, and The Hogs-head. Translated from the French, by a lady. 1805
Bookseller Poems, By Barbara Hoole. 1805
Bookseller The Chaplet. Poems, partly original and partly selected from the most approved authors; Embellished with two elegant Engravings, from Designs by R. K. Porter, Esq. 1805
Publisher The lady's assistant for regulating and supplying the table : being a complete system of cookery : containing the most select bills of fare, properly disposed, for family dinners of five dishes to two courses of eleven and fifteen, with bills of fare for suppers, from five to nineteen dishes, and several desserts, including the fullest and choicest receipts of various kinds, and full directions for preparing them in the most approved manner, by which a continual change may be made, as wanted, from the several bills of fare : likewise directions for brewing, making English wines, raspberry, orange, and lemon-brandies, &c., also, remarks on kitchen poisons, and necessary cautions thereon : with an appendix, containing general particulars on the breeding, rearing, and management of poultry, on the business of the dairy, and on the management of the kitchen and fruit garden. Originally published from the manuscript collection of Mrs. Charlotte Mason, a professed housekeeper, who had upwards of thirty years experience in families of the first fashion. The ninth edition, enlarged, corrected, and improved to the present time. 1805
Publisher Beauties of Sturm's Reflections; in lessons on the works of God, and of His providence. Rendered familiar to the capacities of youth by Eliza Andrews, author of Allegorical Miniatures, the Brothers, &c. The Fourth Edition. 1806
Publisher Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. Addressed to a Lady. By Mrs. Chapone. With the life of the author. A new edition. 1806
Publisher The Castle of Tynemouth. A Tale. By Jane Harvey, author of Warkfield Castle, &c. &c. In Two Volumes. 1806
Bookseller The Death of Abel, in five books. Attempted from the German of M. Gessner. 1806
Publisher The Strangers; A Novel. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Norris, author of Second Love, &c. 1806
Publisher An introduction to botany: in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of Mental Improvement, Leisure Hours, &c. The Fifth Edition. 1807
Publisher Goldsmith's History of the Earth and Animated Nature, Abridged; Containing the Natural History of Animals, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects, on the plan recommended by Miss Hannah More. For the use of schools, and the youth of both sexes. By Mrs. Pilkington. A New Edition, With Plates. 1807
Bookseller Village Anecdotes; or, The Journal of a Year, from Sophia to Edward. With Original Poems. By Mrs. E. A. Le Noir. 1807

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