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Fry, Caroline. Serious Poetry: By Caroline Fry, author of the "poetical catechism." London: Ogle, Duncan, and Co., 1822.
Fry, Caroline. Death, and Other Poems. London: 1823.
Fry, Caroline. A Poetical Catechism; or, Sacred Poetry: For the Use of Young Persons. London: Baker and Fletcher, 1826.
Barbauld, Anna, L., Caroline Fry, Felicia Hemans, Amelia Opie, Emily Taylor, Jane Taylor, and Mary Tighe. Sabbath Recreations: or, Select Poetry, of a Religious Kind, Chiefly Taken from the Works of Modern Poets; with Original Pieces never before Published. Edited by Emily Taylor. Second Edition, with numerous additions from English and American Poetry. London: Frances Houlston and Son [Wellington], Frances Houlston and Son [London], 1829.
Taylor, Jane, Elizabeth Steele, Miss E. Smith, Mrs. Phillips, Hannah More, Felicia Hemans, and Caroline Fry. The Moral Muse. A Present for Young Ladies. By Emma Price. London: Holdsworth and Ball, 1830.
Taylor, Jane, James Hogg, Caroline Fry, Bernard Barton, Reginald Heber, Augustus Toplady, Henry H. Milman, Thomas Moore, James Montgomery, Thomas Kelly, John Milton, Edmund Spenser, Thomas Dale, Daniel Turner, William F. Durant, Reverend T. Raffles, William Knox, Ebenezer White, Isaac Watts, James Edmeston, John Langhorne, Henry K. White, John Bowring, Josiah Conder, Susanna Blamire, Samuel Stennett, John Bowdler, Joseph Swain, John Clare, and Herbert Knowles. The Christian Bouquet; a Selection of Religious Poetry, from the Pens of Various Admired Authors; with an Original Introductory Essay by Frances Blair. London: Richard Baynes, 1832.
Child, Lydia, M., F., Mary Howitt, and Caroline Fry. The Mother's Story Book; or, Western Coronal. A collection of miscellaneous pieces. By Mrs. Child, author of "The Mother's Book," "The Girl's Own Book," "The Frugal Housewife," etc. To which are added, a few tales, by Mary Howitt, and Caroline Fry. Chiswick: T. T. and J. Tegg, Bowdery and Kerby, W. F. Wakeman, George and James Stillies, Nathaniel Hailes [168 Piccadilly], Richard Griffin and Co. [115 Buchanan Street], 1833.