ID 1014
Name Elizabeth Harlow [Pall Mall]
Gender Female
Street Address 45 and 46 Pall Mall
City London
Start Date 1793
End Date 1795
Related People Harlow, Elizabeth
Related Firms Elizabeth Harlow [St. James's Street]


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Bookseller A trip to Paris, in July and August, 1792 Twiss, Richard 1793
Bookseller Castle of Wolfenbach; a German story. In two volumes. By Mrs. Parsons, author of errors of education, Miss Meredith, woman as she should be, and intrigues of a morning. ... Parsons, Eliza 1793
Bookseller Ellen and Julia. A novel in two volumes. By Mrs. Parsons. Author of Errors of Education, Woman as She Should Be, Intrigues of a Morning, and Castle of Wolfenbach. Parsons, Eliza 1793
Bookseller Massacre of the French King by which the unfortunte Louis XVI (late King of France) suffered on the Scaffold, January 21st, 1793. Unknown 1793
Bookseller Woman as she should be; or, memoirs of Mrs. Menville. A novel. In four volumes. By Mrs. Parsons, author of Errors of Education, Miss Meredith, and Intrigues of a Morning. Parsons, Eliza 1793
Publisher Mental improvement for a young lady, on her entrance into the world; addressed to a favourite niece. Green, Sarah 1793
Bookseller Castle of Wolfenbach; a German story. In two volumes. By Mrs. Parsons, author of Errors of education, Miss Meredith. Woman as she should be, Ellen and Julia, etc. Parsons, Eliza 1794
Publisher The History of the Campaign of 1792, between the Armies of France under Generals Dumourier, Valence, &c. and the Allies under the Duke of Brunswick; with an account of what passed in the Thuilleries on the 10th of August Money, John 1794
Bookseller A Complete Course of Geography, by means of instructive games. Invented by the Abbé Gaultier. The Second Edition, corrected, improved, and divided into two parts. Gaultier, Aloisius Edouard Camille 1795
Bookseller Secresy; or, the ruin on the rock. In three volumes. By a woman. ... Fenwick, Eliza 1795

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