ID 128
Name C. Cradock And W. Joy
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 32 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1810
End Date 1815


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Publisher The Prison of Montauban; or, Times of Terror. A Reflective Tale. By the Editor of Letters of the Swedish Court. Smith, Julia 1810
Bookseller Magdalen; or, The Penitent of Godstow; An Historical Novel. In Three Volumes. By Elizabeth Helme, author of St. Margaret's Cave, or the Nun's Story, The Pilgrim of the Cross, &c. &c. Helme, Elizabeth 1812
Publisher Adelaide; or, The Countercharm. A Novel. In five volumes. By the author of "Santo Sebastiano; or, The Young Protector:" "Romance of the Pyrenees:" and "The Forest of Montalbano." Cuthbertson, Catherine 1813
Publisher Sacred history, in familiar dialogues, for the instruction of youth: with maps. To which is added, the history of the Jews, from the time of Nehemiah to the destruction of Jerusalem. By Miss H. Neale, author of 'Amusement Hall,' 'Britannus and Africus,' &c. &c. With a recommendatory preface, by the Rev. John Ryland, D.D. Third edition. In two volumes. Neale, Hannah 1813
Bookseller Modern Times; or, The Age We Live In. A Posthumous Novel. In Three Volumes. Dedicated, by permission, to the Right Honorable Countess Cowper. By Elizabeth Helme, author of The Farmer of Inglewood Forest, The Pilgrim of the Cross, The Penitent of Godstow, &c. &c. Helme, Elizabeth 1814
Publisher Santo Sebastiano; or, The Young Protector. A Novel. In Five Volumes. By the author of "Adelaide; or, The Countercharm:" - "The Romance of the Pyrenees:" - and "The Forest of Montalbano," &c. &c. Cuthbertson, Catherine 1814
Bookseller Anna; or, Edinburgh. A Novel, in two volumes. By Mrs. Roche, author of "London Tales, or Reflective Portraits," "The Moor," "Plain Tales;" &c. Roche I, Regina Maria 1815

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