ID 136
Name Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown
Gender Male
Street Address 39 Paternoster Row
City London
Start Date 1811
End Date 1823
Related Firms Thomas Norton Longman III
Notes All part of Thomas Norton Longman's business, Longman Co.


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots. By Miss Benger, Author of "Memoirs of Anne Boleyn," "Mrs. Hamilton," &c. &c. In Two Volumes. Benger , Elizabeth Ogilvy (Author)
Publisher A Collection of Poems, Chiefly Manuscript, and from Living Authors. Edited for the Benefit of a Friend, by Joanna Baillie. Baillie , Joanna (Editor)
Publisher An introduction to botany, in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. By Priscilla Wakefield, author of "Mental Improvement," "Juvenile Travellers," &c. The Ninth Edition. To which is added, The Pleasures of Botanical Pursuits. A poem. By Sarah Hoare. Wakefield , Priscilla (Author)
Hoare , Sarah (Author)
Publisher Evenings at home; or, the juvenile budget opened. Consisting of a variety of miscellaneous pieces, for the instruction and amusement of young persons. By Dr. Aikin and Mrs. Barbauld. Thirteenth edition. Carefully revised and corrected throughout by Arthur Aikin, ESQ. F.L.S., &c. And with some additional Pieces, by the Authors. In Six Volumes. Barbauld , Anna Laetitia (Author)
Aikin , John (Author)
Publisher Integrity. A Tale. By Mrs. Hofland, author of Tales of the Priory, Tales of the Manor, and A Son of a Genius, &c. &c. Hofland , Barbara (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the Court of King James the First. By Lucy Aikin. In two volumes. Third Edition. Aikin , Lucy (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. By Lucy Aikin. In Two Volumes. The Fifth Edition, revised and corrected. Aikin , Lucy (Author)
Publisher Memoirs of the Life of the Late Mrs. Catharine Cappe. Written by herself. Second edition. Cappe , Catharine (Author)
Publisher Memoirs, including original journals, letters, papers, and antiquarian tracts, of the late Charles Alfred Stothard, F.S.A. Author of the Monumental Effigies of Great Britain. With Connective Notices of his Life, and some account of a journey in the Netherlands. By Mrs. Charles Stothard, Author of Letters Written During a Tour Through Normandy, Brittany, and other parts of France, 1818 Bray , Anna Eliza (Author)
Stothard , Charles Alfred (Author)
Publisher Mentoria; or the Young Ladies' Instructor; in Familiar Conversation, on Moral and Entertaining Subjects. Calculated to Improve Young Minds in the Essential as well as Ornamental Parts of Female Eduction. By Ann Murry. The Twelfth Edition. Murry , Ann (Author)
Publisher Petticoat Tales. Corbett , Marion (Author)
Corbett , Margaret (Author)
Publisher Self-Delusion; or, Adelaide d'Hauteroche: A Tale. By the author of "Domestic Scenes." In two volumes. Blair , Mrs. Alexander (Author)
Publisher The visit for a week; or, hints on the improvement of time. Containing original tales, Anecdotes From Natural And Moral History, &c. Designed for The Instruction and Amusement Of Youth. By Lucy Peacock. Peacock , Lucy (Author)
Publisher The history of England: related in familiar conversations, by a father to his children interspersed with moral and instructive remarks, and observations on the most leading and interesting subjects: designed for the perusal of youth; by Elizabeth Helme; in two volumes. Helme , Elizabeth (Author)

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