ID 163
Name Alexander Strahan and Preston
Gender Unknown
Street Address New Street Square
City London
Start Date 1804
End Date 1815


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Cœlebs in Search of a Wife. Comprehending Observations on Domestic Habits and Manners, Religion and Morals. The Fourteenth Edition, in Two Volumes. More , Hannah (Author)
Printer The Heart and the Fancy; or, Valsinore. A Tale. By Miss Benger. In Two Volumes. Benger , Elizabeth Ogilvy (Author)
Printer The Wild Irish Girl: A National Tale. By Miss Owenson, author of The Novice of St. Dominick, Patriotic Sketches, &c. &c. &c. The fifth edition. In three volumes. Owenson , Sydney (Author)
Printer Alicia de Lacy; An Historical Romance. By the author of "The Loyalists," &c. In Four Volumes. West , Jane (Author)
Printer Christabelle, The Maid Of Rouen. A Novel, Founded On Facts. By Mrs. Hanway, Author Of "Ellinor," "Andrew Stuart," And "Falconbridge Abbey." Hanway , Mary Ann (Author)
Printer Letters, addressed to the daughter of a nobleman, on the formation of religious and moral principle. By Elizabeth Hamilton, author of "Letters on the elementary principles of education," &c. &.c &c. The third edition. In two volumes. Hamilton , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer The Hungarian Brothers. By Miss Anna Maria Porter. The Third Edition. In Three Volumes. Porter , Anna Maria (Author)
Printer The Wanderer; or, Female Difficulties. By the author of Evelina; Cecilia; and Camilla. The Second Edition, in Five Volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Printer An Essay on the Character and Practical Writings of Saint Paul. By Hannah More. More , Hannah (Author)

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