ID 1979
Name Bradbury and Evans (Late T. Davison)
Gender Unknown
Street Address Whitefriars
City London
Start Date 1831
End Date 1866


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer Poetical Trifles Dallas , Sir Robert (Author)
Dallas , Lady Giustina (Editor)
Printer Memoirs of Doctor Burney, arranged from his own manuscripts, from family papers, and from personal recollections. By his daughter, Madame d'Arblay. In three volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Printer Poems by Mrs. G. G. Richardson. Second Series. Richardson , Caroline E. (Author)
Printer The Poetical Works of Anne Radcliffe. St. Alban's Abbey, a Metrical Romance; with Other Poems. By Anne Radcliffe, authoress of "the Mysteries of Udolpho," "Romance of the Forest," &c. Radcliffe , Ann (Author)
Printer Flora and Thalia; or Gems of Flowers and Poetry; being an Alphabetical Arrangement of Flowers, with Appropriate Poetical Illustrations, Embellished with Coloured Plates. By A Lady. Welsh , Mary Ann Wilson (Author)
Twamley , Louisa Anne (Author)
Tighe , Mary (Author)
and 10 more.
Printer O'Donnel. A National Tale. By Lady Morgan. Revised edition, Complete in One Volume. Owenson , Sydney (Author)
Printer The Linwoods; Or, “Sixty Years Since” In America. By Miss Sedgewick, Author of “Hope Leslie,” “Redwood,” &c. In Three Volumes. Sedgwick , Catharine Maria (Author)
Printer Essays towards the History of Painting By Mrs Calcott Graham , Maria (Author)
Printer Histoire de France du petit Louis. Par Madame Callcott, auteur de L'Histoire D'Angleterre du Petit Arthur. Graham , Maria (Author)
Printer The Diary of A Désennuyée. In Two Volumes. Gore , Catherine Grace Frances (Author)

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