ID 2009
Name D. F. Gardiner
Gender Unknown
Street Address 40 Westmoreland Street
City Dublin
Start Date
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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller Biographical Sketches and Interesting Anecdotes of Persons of Colour. Compiled by A. Mott. Wheatley Peters , Phillis (Author)
Mott , Abigail (Author)
Publisher Report Addressed to the Marquess Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, by Elizabeth Fry and Joseph John Gurney, Respecting their late visit to that country. Second edition. Gurney Fry , Elizabeth (Author)
Gurney , Joseph John (Author)
Bookseller A Memoir of Louisa Maw, Daughter of Thomas and Lucy Maw, of Needham Market, Suffolk; who died the 16th of 3rd Month, 1828. Maw , Louisa (Author)
Maw , Thomas (Author)
Barton , Bernard (Author)
Bookseller The little scholar's first grammar; or Grammar made easy to the capacities of young children, and rendered pleasing by a variety of familiar examples; adapted to the use of private families. By Maria Arthington. Arthington , Maria (Author)
Bookseller A Memoir of Louisa Maw, daughter of Thomas and Lucy Maw, of Needham Market, Suffolk, who died the 16th of the 3rd month, 1828. Second edition, with several additions. Maw , Louisa (Author)
Bookseller Conversations on common things; or A guide to knowledge: designed to entertain and instruct the youthful mind. Dix , Dorothea Lynde (Author)
Publisher Select Memoirs of Port Royal, to which are appended, Tour to Alet; Visit to Port Royal; Gift of an Abbess; Biographical Notices, &c. Taken from Original Documents. By M. A. Schimmelpenninck. Third Edition. Schimmelpenninck , Mary Anne (Author)
Bookseller Meditations on select passages of sacred scripture, in a series of lectures affectionately addressed to young persons of the Society of Friends; with introductory observations on subjects connected with the lectures; by Priscilla H. Gurney. Gurney , Priscilla (Author)

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