ID 201
Name George Wilkie [St. Paul's Churchyard]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 71 St. Paul's Churchyard
City London
Start Date 1784
End Date 1798


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher History of the Honourable Edward Mortimer. By a lady. Gwynn , Albinia (Author)
Bookseller Fugitive pieces. By Frances Greensted. Greensted , Frances (Author)
Publisher A Short View of the Whole Scripture History: With a Continuation of the Jewish Affairs from the Old Testament, till the Time of Christ; and An Account of the chief Prophecies that relate to Him: Represented in a Way of Question and Answer. Illustrated with Various Remarks on the History and the Religion of the Patriarchs, Jews, and Christians, and on the Laws, Government, Sects, Customs, and Writings of the Jews; and adorned with Figures relating to their Camp, Tabernacle, and Worship. By I. Watts, D.D. The Eighteenth Edition. Watts , Isaac (Author)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Pote , Maria (Publisher)
Publisher Hawney's complete measurer: or, the whole art of measuring. Being a plain and comprehensive treatise on practical geometry and mensuration. Preceded by Decimal and Duodecimal Arithmetic, and the Extraction of the Square and cube Root. Adapted to the use of Schools, and Persons Concerned in Measuring, Gauging, Surveying, &c. A New Edition. Corrected and Greatly Improved by Thomas Keith, Private Teacher of Mathematics, Author of the Complete Practical Arithmetician, &c. Hawney , William (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Vernor , Ann (Publisher)
Bookseller The death of Abel. In five books. Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. The twentieth edition embellished with an elegant engraving to each book. Gessner , Salomon (Author)
Collyer , Mary (Translator)
Publisher A New History of England, by Question and Answer, Extracted from the Most Celebrated English Historians, particularly M. Rapin de Thoyras, by the author of the Roman History by Question and Answer. The Twenty-Fourth Edition. Lockman , John (Author)
Newbery , Elizabeth (Publisher)

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