ID 26
Name Peter Wilson [ii] [30 Skinner Row]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 30 Skinner Row
City Dublin
Start Date 1776
End Date 1778


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Memoirs of the Marchion. of Pompadour. Written by herself. Wherein are displayed the motives of the wars, treaties of peace, embassies, and negotiations, in the several courts of Europe: The Cabals and Intrigues of Courtiers; the Characters of Generals, and Ministers of State, with the Causes of their Rise and Fall; and, in general, the most remarkable Occurrences at the Court of France, during the last twenty Years of the Reign of Lewis XV. Translated from the French. In two volumes. Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The Vicar of Wakefield: A Tale, Supposed to be written by himself. Goldsmith , Oliver (Author)
Leathley , Ann (Publisher)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher A voyage round the world. In His Majesty's ship the Dolphin, commanded by the honourable Commodore Byron. In which is Contained, A faithful account of the several places, people, plants, animals, &c. seen on the voyage: And, among other particulars, a minute and exact description of the streights of Magellan, and the gigantic poeple called Patagonians. Together with an accurate account of seven island lately discovered in the South Seas. By an officer on board the said ship. Unknown , (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)
Publisher Letters from Italy, describing the customs and manners of that country, in the years 1765, and 1766. To which is annexed, an admonition to gentlemen who pass the Alps, ... By Samuel Sharp, Esq. Sharp , Samuel (Author)
Watts [m. Lynch in 1762] , Elizabeth (Publisher)

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