ID 2782
Name John Exshaw II [Dame Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 86 Dame Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1774
End Date 1782


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Letters of the Right Honourable Lady Jane Douglas; to her husband Sir John Stewart, Bart. Collected, arranged, and illustrated with Notes. With an introductory preface, extracted from her case drawn up by Alexander Lockhart, Esquire, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. To which are subjoined, the dying declarations of Lady Jane Douglas, Sir John Stewart, and their attendant Mrs. Helen Hewit. Douglas , Jane (Author)
Printer The new art of cookery, made plain and easy; Which far exceeds any thing of the kind ever yet published; being enriched with a great variety of receipts from the best treatises on this subject. Glasse , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Authentic anecdotes of the life and transactions of Mrs. Margaret Rudd: Consisting of a Variety of Facts hitherto unknown to the Public. Addressed in a series of letters to the now (by a late act of Parliament) Miss Mary Lovell. In two volumes. Rudd , Margaret Caroline (Author)
Publisher Letters from Italy, describing the manners, customs, antiquities, paintings, &c. of that country, in the years MDCCLXX and MDCCLXXI, to a friend residing in France. By an English woman. In three volumes. Riggs-Miller , Anna (Author)
Bookseller Moral and Entertaining Dialogues, In English and French. For the Improvement of Youth. By Mrs. Vaucluse. In two Volumes. Dialogues moraux et amusants, En Anglois et Francois. Pour l'instruction de la jeunesse. Par Madame Fauques de Vaucluse. En deux volumes. Falques , Marianne-Agnès (Author)
Publisher The Excursion. In two volumes. By Mrs. Brooke, author of the History of Lady Julia Mandeville, and of Emily Montague. Brooke , Frances (Author)
Hallhead , Sarah (Publisher)
Printer The old English baron: a Gothic story. By Clara Reeve. The third edition. Reeve , Clara (Author)
Publisher Advice from a lady of quality to her children, in the last stage of a lingering illness, in a series of evening conferences on the most interesting subjects. Translated from the French. ... Unknown , (Author)
Publisher Evelina; or, A young lady's entrance into the world. In Two Volumes. Burney , Frances (Author)
Publisher Mentoria: or, the young ladies instructor, in familiar conversations on moral and entertaining subjects: Calculated to improve Young Minds, In the Essential, as well as Ornamental Parts of Female Education. By Miss Ann Murry. Dedicated, by Permission, to The Princess Royal. Murry , Ann (Author)
Publisher The sylph; a novel. Cavendish , Georgiana (Author)
Printer The dénouement: or, history of Lady Louisa Wingrove. By a lady. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The Siege of Sinope. A tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Covent-Garden. By Mrs. Brooke, Author of Julia Mandeville, &c. Brooke , Frances (Author)

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