ID 2980
Name Joseph Dalton Dewick [46 Barbican]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 46 Barbican
City London
Start Date 1808
End Date 1823


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Printer Conversations on English Grammar, in a series of Familiar and Entertaining Dialogues between a mother and her daughters, in which The various Rules of Grammar are introduced and explained in a manner calculated to excite the attention of Children, at the same time to convey to their Minds clear and comprehensive Ideas of the General Principles of Language; with a number of appropriate questions following each conversation. Adapted to the use of Establishments for Young Ladies, as well as to Private Tuition, and to Preparatory Schools for Young Gentlemen. By Mrs Williams, Author of the Syllabic Spelling Book, or Summary Method of Reading. Williams , Honoria (Author)
Printer Julia of England. A Novel. In Four Volumes. By Mrs. Norris, author of The Strangers, Second Love, &c. Norris , Mrs. (Author)
Printer The adventures of poor puss: in two parts. By Miss Sandham. Sandham , Elizabeth (Author)
Printer The Cottage of the Var, A Tale. In Three Volumes. Symmons , Caroline (Author)
Printer The Husband and Lover. An Historical and Moral Romance. In Three Volumes. Palmer , Alicia Tyndal (Author)
Printer The Husband and the Lover. An Historical and Moral Romance. In Three Volumes. Palmer , Alicia Tyndal (Author)
Printer Woman; or, Ida of Athens. By Miss Owenson, author of The "Wild Irish Girl," The "Novice of St. Dominick," &c. In Four Volumes. Owenson , Sydney (Author)
Printer Chevalier de Versenai, A Novel, in two volumes, Translated from the French of Mad. Cottin, author of "Elizabeth, or, The Exiles of Siberia," &c. &c. Cottin , Sophie Ristaud (Author)

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