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Douglas, Anne. The Countess of Moreton's daily exercise: or, a book of prayers and rules How to spend our time in the service and pleasure of Almighty God. The twentyfourth edition. London: Andrew Millar, Thomas Norton Longman III, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], John Knapton, Charles Hitch and Lacy Hawes, John Oliver, Catherine and Richard Ware, Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], John Hinton [St. Paul's Churchyard], John Beecroft, J. Richardson [Paternoster Row], Daniel Browne II, 1760.
Unknown, . The history of Greece: by way of question and answer, in three parts. London: Robert Baldwin I, John Rivington, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], Mary Cooper, Charles Hitch and Lacy Hawes, Stanley Crowder and Co. [Paternoster Row], Thomas Caslon, Henry Woodfall II, Robert Withy, John Newbery, J. Richardson [Paternoster Row], Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], 1761.
Glasse, Hannah. The art of cookery, made plain and easy; which far exceeds anything of the kind yet published. Containing, I. How to Roast and Boil to perfection every Thing necessary to be sent up to Table. II. Of Made-Dishes. III. How expensive a French Cook's Sauce is. IV. To make a Number of pretty little Dishes for a Supper or Side-Dish, and Littlecorner-Dishes for a great Table V. To dress Fish. VI. Of Soops and Broths. Vii. Of Puddings. Viii. Of Pies. IX. For a Lent Dinner; a Number of good Dishes, which you may make use of at any other Time. X. Directions to prepare proper Food for the Sick. XI. For Captains of Ships; how to make all useful Things for a Voyage; and setting out a Table on board a Ship. XII. Of Hogs Puddings, Sausages, &c. XIII. To pot and make Hams, &c. XIV. Of Pickling. XV. Of making Cakes, &c. XVI. Of Cheesecakes, Creams, Jellies, Whip-Syllabubs, &c. XVII. Of made Wines, Brewing, French Bread, Muffins, &c. XVIII. Jarring Cherries and Preserves, &c. XIX. Tomake Anchovies, Vermicella, Catchup, Vinegar, and to keep Artichokes, French Beans, &c. XX. Of Distilling. XXI. How to Market; the Seasons of the Year for Butchers Meat, Poultry, Fish, Herbs, Roots, and Fruit. XXII. A certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad-Dog. By Dr. Mead. XXIII. A Receipt to keep clear from Buggs. To which are added, by way of appendix, one hundred and fifty new and useful receipts, and a copious index. By a lady. The eighth edition. London: Andrew Millar, Jacob Tonson III and Richard Tonson II, Thomas Caslon, Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], Archibald Hamilton I, 1763.
Coles, Elisha. A dictionary, English-Latin, and Latin-English; containing all things necessary for the translating of either language into the other. To which end many things that were erroneous, are rectified, many superfluities retrenched, and very many defects supplied. And all suited to the meanest capacities, in a plainer method than heretofore; being for ease reduced into an alphabetical order, and explained in the mother tongue. And towards the compleating the English part (which hath been long desired) here are added thousands of words, phrases, proverbs, proper names, and many other useful things mentioned in the preface to the work. The seventeenth edition, with large additions. By Elisha Coles, late of Magdalen-College, Oxon. London: Allington Wilde II, Thomas Osborne [Gray's Inn], J. Bonwicke, E. Ballard, J. Worrall, J. and T. Pote, John Fuller [Cheapside], B. Barker, Charles Bathurst [Cross Keys], Henry Woodfall II, T. Waller, John Beecroft, John Rivington, Benjamin Dod [Dodd], John Hinton [St. Paul's Churchyard], William Strahan, Richard Baldwin, Lacy Hawes, W. Clarke, R. Collins, Robert Horsfield, William Johnston [Ludgate Street], Thomas Caslon, Stanley Crowder, Thomas Longman II, Paul Stevens, George Keith, Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], Thomas Field, Edward Dilly, Ann and Charles Corbett, John Wilkie, Catherine and Richard Ware, Z. Stuart, George Kearsley [Ludgate Street], J. Waugh, John Coote, Thomas Lowndes [Fleet Street], G. Knapp, Anne Shuckburgh, J. Hinxman, Mary Richardson, Benjamin Collins, 1764.
Shakespeare, William. As you like it. A comedy. Written by William Shakspeare. Marked with the variations in the manager’s book, at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. London: Charles Bathurst [26 Fleet Street], Francis, Charles and John Rivington, Lockyer Davis [High Holborn], William Owen and Son, Benjamin White and Son, Thomas Longman II, Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], Charles Dilly, Thomas Payne and Son, James Nichols, Thomas Cadell [London], James Robson, George, George, and John Robinson, Alexander Strahan [Printers St], T. Bowles, Richard Baldwin, Henry Gardner, John Bew [Paternoster Row], William Cater, John Murray [25 Prince's Street], W. Stuart, Samuel Hayes, William Lowndes [76 Fleet Street], Samuel Bladon [13 Paternoster Row], George and Thomas Wilkie, William Fox, James Scatcherd and J. Whitaker, Elizabeth Newbery, James Barker, 1786.
Unknown, [Woman]. Geography and history. Selected by a lady, for the use of her own children. Second edition. Southampton: Bedwell Law [Ave Maria Lane, unspecified number], 1794.