ID 3233
Name Bennett Dugdale [Capel Street]
Gender Unknown
Street Address 150 Capel Street
City Dublin
Start Date 1779
End Date 1795


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Printer The extraordinary life and Christian experience of Margaret Davidson, (as dictated by herself) Who was a poor, blind woman among the People called Methodists, but rich towards God, and illuminated with the light of life. To which are added, some of her letters and hymns. By the Rev. Edward Smyth. Davidson , Margaret (Author)
Smyth , Edward (Author)
Printer Some particulars, relating to the life and death, of Rebecca Scudamore, interspersed with interesting reflexions; Together with extracts from divers of her letters; collected by S. Young. Including an account of her own case. Young , Sarah (Author)
Bookseller Charlotte, or, a sequel to The sorrows of Werter: A struggle between religion and love, in an epistle from Abelard to Eloisa: a vision, or evening walk; and other poems. By Mrs. Farrell. Farrell , Sarah (Author)
Publisher An aunt's advice to a niece, in a letter to Miss *** *******. Also some account of a correspondence with the late Rev. Dr. Dodd, during his imprisonment. By Mary Bosanquet. The third edition. Fletcher , Mary Bosanquet (Author)
Bookseller History of Idle Jack Brown. Containing the Merry story of the Mountebank, with some account of the Bay Mare Smiler. Being the third part of the two shoemakers. More , Hannah (Author)
Bookseller The history of Tom White, the postilion. Second part. More , Hannah (Author)
Bookseller The two soldiers. More , Sarah (Author)
Bookseller The two wealthy farmers, or, The history of Mr. Bragwell. Part I. More , Hannah (Author)
Publisher Rural walks: in dialogues. Intended for the use of young persons. By Charlotte Smith. Two volumes in one. Smith , Charlotte Turner (Author)
Publisher The two shoemakers. More , Hannah (Author)

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