ID 410
Name Robert Dutton [Birchin Lane]
Gender Unknown
Street Address No. 10 Birchin Lane, Cornhill
City London
Start Date 1797
End Date 1802


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Publisher Emilia and Alphonso, a novel; By the authoress of Adela de Senange; Translated from the French. Fileul , Adélaïde-Marie-Emilie (Author)
Publisher Montrose, or The Gothic Ruin, A Novel. In Three Volumes. By the Author of "The Mystic Cottager," and "Observant Pedestrian." Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Bookseller The complete confectioner; or, housekeeper's guide: to a simple and speedy method of understanding the whole art of confectionary; the various ways of preserving and candying, dry and liquid, All Kinds of Fruit, Nuts, Flowers, Herbs, &c. And the Method of keeping them Fresh And Fine All The Year Round; The Different Ways Of Clarifying Sugar; With Directions for making Fruit Pastes, Bomboons, Pastils, Compotes, Fruit Ices, Cream Ices, Marmalades, Jellies, Jams, Cakes, Puffs, Biscuits, Tarts, Custards, Cheesecakes, Sweetmeats, Fritters, Creams, Syllabubs, Blanc-Mange, Flummeries, Ornaments for grand Entertainments, Dragees, Syrups of all Kinds, Nicknacks and Trifles for Desserts, Strong Cordials, Oils, Simple Waters, Milk Punch that will keep 20 Years, and All Sorts of English Wines. Also, the art of making artificial fruit, With the Stalks in it, so as to resemble the natural Fruit. To which are added, some bills of fare for desserts for private families. By Mrs. H. Glass, author of The Art of Cookery, with considerable additions and corrections, by Maria Wilson. Glasse , Hannah (Author)
Wilson , Maria (Author)
Publisher De Valcourt; in two volumes. Bennett , Anna Maria (Author)
Lake , Eliza (Author)
Publisher Tales of Truth. By a Lady. Under the patronage of the Duchess of York. In four volumes. H. , E. (Author)
Publisher Farther Excursions of The Observant Pedestrian, Exemplified in a Tour to Margate. In Four Volumes. By the author of the "Observant Pedestrian," in two volumes, "Mystic Cottager," "Montrose," &c. Unknown , [Woman] (Author)
Publisher The Spinster's Tale; in which is introduced, Langbridge Fort, A Romance. By Ann Wingrove, author of Letters Moral and Entertaining. In Three Volumes. Wingrove , Ann (Author)
Publisher The Victim of Friendship; a German Romance. By Sophia King, Author of Trifles from Helicon; Waldorf, or the Dangers of Philosophy; and Cordelia, a Romance of Real Life. King Fortnum , Sophia (Author)

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