ID 4176
Name Thomas Maiden [Sherbourne Lane]
Gender Unknown
Street Address Sherbourne Lane
City London
Start Date 1790
End Date 1798


Displaying 25 titles of 145 total.
Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer Barbastal, or, The Magician of the Forest of Bloody Ash: A Romance. 1795
Printer The Remarkable Life of John Elwes, Esq., Member in Three Successive Parliaments for Berkshire. With Singular Anecdotes, &c. 1797
Printer The Life and Mysterious Transactions of Richard Morris, Esq. Better Known by the Name of Dick Spot, the Conjuror, Particularly in Derbyshire and Shropshire. Written by an Old Acquaintance. 1798
Printer The Life of That King of Thieves Jonathan Wild. With Anecdotes of Joseph Blake, Alias Blue. 1799
Printer The Sorrows of Werter. A Pathetic Story. 1799
Printer Laugh When You Can; or, The Monstrous Droll Jester, and Chearful Companion. Containing Upwards of Two Hundred and Fifty Good Things, Many of Which Are Not to Be Found in Any Other Collection. 1800
Printer New Lights from the World of Darkness; or, The Midnight Messenger; With Solemn Signals from the World of Spirits. Containing Wonderful Evidences of the Visits of Ghosts, Apparitions, &c. to Many Person Now Living, and Notices of Death in Several Creditable Families. The Whole Forming a Constellation of Horror!!! 1800
Printer The Baron of Lauderbrooke. A Tale. 1800
Printer The History of Oroonoko; or, The Royal Slave. Written Originally by Mrs. Behn, and Revised by Mrs. Griffiths. Griffiths, Maria 1800
Printer The Life of Richard Turpin, a Notorious Highwayman. Containing a Particular Account of His Adventures, From His Being First an Apprentice to a Butcher in Whitechapel, to His Execution at York for Horse-Stealing. To Which is Added, the Life of Sawney Beane, the Man-Eater. 1800
Printer The Life, Adventures and Distresses of Charlotte Dupont, and Her Lover Belanger; Who, It is Supposed, Underwent a Greater Variety of Real Misfortunes, and Miraculous Adventures, Than Any Couple That Ever Existed. 1800
Printer The Misfortunes of Love; or, The Adventures of Henry and Julia. To Which is Added, the Pathetic History of Leonora. 1800
Printer The Shipwreck; or, History of Paul and Virginia. Written by Bernardin de St. Pierre. de Saint-Pierre, Jacques-Henri Bernardin 1800
Printer The Voyages, Distresses and Adventures of Capt. Winterfield. 1800
Printer The Voyages, Travels, and Surprising Adventures of Captain Robert Singleton. Containing an Account of His Being Set on Shore in the Island of Madagascar; of His Passage from Thence, and Travels Through the Deserts of Africa; His Various Encounters with Savages and Wild Beasts; His Acquiring Great Riches in Gold Dust and Elephants’ Teeth, and Return to England. 1800
Publisher Fun for Lovers; or, Choice Valentines, With Their Answers, For The Present Year. 1800
Printer Edmund and Albina; or, Gothic Times. A Romance. 1801
Printer Romances and Gothic Tales. Containing: The Ruins of the Abbey of Fitzmartin. The Bleeding Nun of St. Catharine’s. The Castle on the Beach; or, A Seaside Story. The Mysterious Monk; or, The Cave of Blood. Courtney Castle; or, The Robber’s Cavern. The Castle of Hospitality; or, The Spectre. 1801
Printer The Haunted Castle; or, The Child of Misfortune. A Gothic Tale. 1801
Printer The Heart of Oak: Consisting of a Choice Selection of New Songs for the Year 1802. To Which Are Added Toasts and Sentiments. 1801
Printer The life and surprising adventures, and most remarkable escapes, of Rinaldo Rinaldini, captain of a banditti of robbers. Unknown 1801
Printer The Life, Surprising Adventures, and Most Remarkable Escapes of Rinaldo Rinaldini, Captain of a Banditti of Robbers. 1801
Printer The Strange and Unaccountable Life of Daniel Dancer, Esq. Who Died in a Sack, Though Worth Upwards of £3000 a Year. With Singular Anecdotes of Jemmy Taylor, the Southwark Usurer. To Which Are Added, the Remarkable Life of John Overs; With Some Account of His Daughter, Who Was the Original Founder of St. Mary Overs' Church in the Borough; and, The Origin of London Bridge. 1801
Printer The Three Misers: The Strange and Unaccountable Life of Daniel Dancer, Esq. Who Died in a Sack, Though Worth Upwards of £3000 a Year. With Singular Anecdotes of Jemmy Taylor, the Southwark Usurer. To Which Are Added, The Life and Remarkable Death of John Overs, With Some Account of His Daughter. 1801
Printer The True-Born Englishman, A Satire. 1801

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