ID 4197
Name Daniel Isaac Eaton
Gender Unknown
Street Address 74 Newgate Street
City London
Start Date 1795
End Date 1796


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Firm Role Title Contributors Date
Bookseller A Defence of the Decree of the National Convention of France, For emancipating the slaves in the West Indies. By W. Fox. Gurney , Martha (Bookseller)
Fox , William (Author)
Bookseller Information to those who would remove to America. By Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Gurney , Martha (Bookseller)
Franklin , Benjamin (Author)
Bookseller On Monday, February, 1st 1796. will be published, number I, (Price only Six-Pence,) to be continued once a fortnight without any interruption whatever, till the whole is compleated, of the letters of Lady Rachel Russell; from the manuscript in the library at Wooburn Abbey. To which is prefixed, an introduction, vindicating the character of Lord Russell against Sir John Dalrymple, &c. To which is added. The trial of Lord William Russell for high treason. Conditions of the publication of this elegant work. I. The whole of this work shall be printed on a superfine wove paper and on a new type, cast by thorne. II. That three sheets of letterpress shall be delivered in each number once a fort-night. III. This work shall be completed in fourteen numbers making one handsome volume in demy octavo. IV. That in the course of this work will be given four beautiful and splendid engravings, to illustrate this elegant work. V. To accomodate the admirers of beautiful printing, a superior edition will be worked off on a superfine wirewove vellum paper, of the finest texture, highly glazed and hot-pressed. VI. This edition will be additionally ornamented with the first impressions of the plates, worked off in the manner of proofs, and will be affixed the additional charge of only sixpence each number. Russell , Rachel (Author)

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