ID 449
Name James Cundee, Albion Press
Gender Unknown
Street Address 10 Ivy Lane
City London
Start Date 1799
End Date 1814


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Firm Role Title Author Date
Printer A Collection of the Most Approved Entertaining Stories, calculated for the instruction and amusement of all the little masters and misses in this vast empire. By Solomon Winlove, Esq. A new edition. Unknown
Printer Riley's emblems, natural, historical, fabulous, moral, and divine ; for the improvement and pastime of youth : serving to display the beauties and morals of the ancient fabulists : The Whole calculated to convey the Golden Lessons of Instruction under a new and more delightful Dress. For the Use of Schools. Written for the Amusement of a Young Nobleman. The ninth edition. Wynne, John Huddlestone 1799
Printer The Canary Bird: A Moral Fiction. Interspersed with poetry. By the author of The Sparrow, Keeper's Travels, The Crested Wren, &c Kendall, Edward Augustus 1799
Printer A Short History of Bees in Two Parts. I. The Natural History of Bees, with Directions for the Management of Them, an Account of Their Enemies, &c. From Reaumur, &c. II. An AEnigmatical Account of a Neighbouring Nation — Their Queen, Her Palaces, Attendants, &c. Ferchault de Réaumur, René Antoine 1800
Printer Biography for girls; or, moral and instructive examples for the female sex. Third edition. By Mrs. Pilkington. Pilkington, Mary 1800
Printer Edward; A tale: for young persons. Principally founded upon that much admired performance of the same name, by Dr. Moore. And adapted to the capacities of youth, by Mrs. Pilkington. Pilkington, Mary 1800
Printer Memoirs of Dick, the Little Poney, supposed to be written by himself; and published for the instruction and amusement of good boys and girls. Unknown 1800
Printer The Asiatic princess. Dedicated, by permission, to Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales. By Mrs. Pilkington. Pilkington, Mary 1800
Printer The Aviary; or, Grand Assemblage of the Feathered Tribes. Comprising near One-Hundred Figures, accurately engraved on copper-plates. Unknown 1800
Printer The child of hope; or, infidelity punished. A novel. By a lady. In three volumes. Unknown 1800
Printer The Menagerie; or, a Peep at the Quadruped Race. Being an exhibition of one hundred and ten animals, neatly engraved on copper-plates, with their characters. Intended as a present for every curious miss and master. Unknown 1800
Printer The son of Ethelwolf: an historical tale. In two volumes. By the author of Alan Fitz-Osborne, &c. ... Fuller, Anne 1800
Printer Trifles; or, friendly mites towards improving the rising generation. Being a collection of original pieces. By the author of "Eason House, Juliania," &c. Sandham, Elizabeth 1800
Printer The amiable tutoress, or, The history of Mary and Jane Hornsby: a tale for young persons. Ventum, Harriet 1801
Printer The little mountaineers of Auvergne, or, The adventures of James and Georgette. Altered from the French, and adapted to the perusal of youth. Ducray-Duménil, François-Guillaume 1801
Printer The Two Princes of Persia. Addressed to Youth. By I. Porter. Porter, Jane 1801
Printer The Farmer's Boy; A Novel: In four Volumes. By Miss Gunning, author of "Love at First Sight"—"Gipsy Countess," &c. &c. &c. Gunning, Elizabeth 1802
Printer The History of Netterville, A Chance Pedestrian. A Novel. In two volumes. Unknown 1802
Printer Miranda; or, the Mysterious Stranger. A Novel: In Two Volumes. Dedicated, By Permission, to the Rt. Hon. Viscountess Bulkeley. By Esther Holsten, author of "Ernestina." Holsten, Esther 1803
Printer Sacred Lectures from the holy scriptures, on the old and New Testament; interspersed with moral and religious reflections. Expressly written for the purpose of implanting in the minds of youth early impressions of the duty they owe to their creator; and shewing the dreadful consequences of sin and disobedience. By Elizabeth Somerville, author of several juvenile publications. In two volumes. Somerville, Elizabeth 1803
Printer The War-Office: A Novel. By Miss Gunning, Author of "The Packet," "Farmer's Boy," &c. &c. In Three Volumes. Gunning, Elizabeth 1803
Publisher The Mysterious Father; or, Trials of the Heart. A Novel. In Four Volumes. Written by a Lady. Dorset, Catherine Anne Turner 1805
Printer Moreland Manor; or, Who is the Heir? A Novel, in three volumes. By Mrs. Kendal, author of Derwent Priory, Castle on the Rock, &c. &c. Kendall, Ann 1806
Printer An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life. In the History of the Widow Placid, and Her Daughter Rachel. Corp, Harriet 1807
Publisher The Parnassian Garland; or, beauties of modern poetry : consisting of upwards of two hundred pieces, selected from the works of the most distinguished poets of the present age. With introductory lines to each article. Designed for the use of schools and the admirers of poetry in general. By John Evans, A. M. Master of a seminary for a limited number of pupils, Pullin's Row, Islington. Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1807

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